Venom 25 / 2nd Print vs Venom 27 / 3rd Print?

Hi All,

Does anyone think Venom 27 3rd print may ultimately value higher than Venom 25 2nd print?

It seems silly that it would given one comic came out multiple weeks before the other. And yes I’m aware of how Venom 3 3rd print netted out but I don’t think it’s a 1 to 1 comparison really…

1.) Venom 27 3rd print is not Codex’s first cover appearance

and 2.) Venom 3 - 3rd print benefitted from coming out before this new craze of 2nd and 3rd printing price spikes. Everyone is very much on board with the potential value of 2nd and 3rd printings now and has had a chance to bump orders for Venom 27 3rd print whereas Venom 3 - 3rd print was not viewed that way in advance of it’s release…

Ultimately, if the market chooses to prioritize Venom 27 3rd print over Venom 25 2nd print in a couple months, then that will be the winner, but I’m curious as to everyone’s thoughts?

Not sure if you’re talking about Venom 27 2nd print or Venom 25 2nd print. You mention 25 in your last paragraph - I’m assuming you meant 27.

Personally, I think the cover for the 2nd printing for 27 was trash but that’s just my opinion - not checking for it at all.

I do get what you mean about print run though - scarcity is value and I suppose the question is how many folks got to bump up their orders of the 3rd print after the cover was revealed pre-FOC. (I’m assuming the answer is a lot). I’m not banking on this cover but I did snag a handful for myself :man_shrugging:

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I corrected my original post. Reading back through that, it can definitely be very confusing with that detail off. TY for pointing out

Is there a Venom #27"third print? Never knew they released one. What’s the image on the cover

Codex page from the interior.

I’m guessing that 25 2nd print will be the long term winner. By the time the 3rd print of 27 came around the hype/craze was already established - I have to imagine that the play is significantly crowded.

For the record I have zero copies of 25 2nd print.

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Drops this Wednesday.

Venom 27 third print will easily be the book IF anyone even cares about Codex in the future.

Venom 27 is his first FULL appearance. His first FULL with cover will win easily.

Also, there were no incentives for the 27 third print and they released the cover just 12 hours before FOC expired.

I think there will be a decent amount out there but nothing like Thor 6 second print. I called 50,000 ordered on Thor 6 second print and most people here said I was nuts. But I bet, when those numbers come out, it will be close to that.

I would say Venom 27 third print will be closer to 25,000ish.

Good point about the lack of incentives.

This is currently selling on ebay for $13.99 with the majority on sale for $19.99. After its release tomorrow, which of those two prices do you think it will be selling for?

No idea. Depends on how many get listed.

It did get a ton of hype here on CHU in those 12 hours before FOC expired. Lot’s of flippers here.

Based on that, I would imagine a lot of initial listings.

I ordered 400 of them. I plan on sitting on most of them personally. I’m just going to sell enough to get my cost back if they’re selling for $10 or more. If not, I’ll stash all of them away and hope that Cates has big plans for him in the future.

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I’ll also say, for the sake of comparison, that Thor #5 3rd printing was sold out/impossible to find online for cover 2 days before the release (if not earlier), where as you can still get copies of Venom 27 3rd print on Midtown as I type this…

Prices on that Thor have been dropping ever since release date…

Don’t get me wrong I’m not calling it one way or another - just gonna sit back and see how things play out…

Exactly. These things are really unpredictable.

But the difference between Thor 5 third print is everyone and their mother was hyping it on here, YouTube and Facebook for days pre FOC making it heavily ordered. Then combine that with Black Winter’s arc being over and you get what we’re seeing.

I still like Thor 5 3rd print, but that’s another one to stash for down the line.

Venom 27 3rd was likely underordered due to the artwork being released right before FOC. I remember some here were actually upset about it being posted, because they thought it would result in a ton of last minute orders. I think though, that orders remained low for the most part and it will be sought after. No idea which will be the winner… I think Venom 25 2nd, but I’m happy to sell sets of Venom 25 2nd and Venom 27 3rd to whoever is paying :slight_smile:

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Midtown is limiting sales to 1x copy per person though of Venom 27 / 3rd print

Just curious, what website did you use to purchase bulk? Or did you work directly with a local shop?

I spread my orders out between Unknown, Poor Boys and Comic Mint when I go big.

Generally I get Poor Boy’s order first, then Unknown’s, and then Comic Mint’s.

On a more normal order, Poor Boys gets all of my business now.

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Same here. After getting burned one too many times, I buy from a number of sources in hopes they all dont flake when a book gets hot post FOC and on or around release day.


Ditto - gotta spread it out across multiple retailers and not put all of your eggs into a single basket.

For me it’s not just a matter of them flaking but also a matter of the condition in which the books arrive.


The thing with Venom 27 3rd print is its art was only up for 12 or so hours before FOC closed, so sure I assume a few bumped their orders but how many missed out.

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