Venom 25 / 2nd Print vs Venom 27 / 3rd Print?

You guys can keep claiming “underordered”, but it’s false. Venom books are NOT underordered. And Diamond shows Venom 27 3rd print as backordered, so that means ALOT of orders were placed and fullfilled.

Oh my god, man. You’re a high roller!

My LCS still has copies in the shelf for cover. I bought 4 or 5 myself (all 9.8 candidates). Long term hold. I may buy the others if they’re cover still and in 9.8 shape.

Same with Venom 27 3rd…grabbing 4 or 5 (on order or hold at the LCS). Long term hold. Will drop to cover or slightly above on the next week, likely.

These subsequent printings are not catching anyone off guard now, but still have potential down the road.

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Noob question, but is the Virgin variant of Venom 27 3rd print considered an exclusive?

I’m trying to avoid exclusives in certain spots and somehow still have difficulty determining when a book is an exclusive.

I purchased copies of the Virgin variant of Venom 25 2nd print thinking it wasn’t an exclusive only to realize it was in fact an exclusive.

Yep. Exclusive.

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I just got back from my local shop and Venom 27 3rd print has one of the most sensitive spines to damage that I’ve seen in a while. Moreso than your typical dark cover. It’s as though the ink just falls off the spine for nothing.

I was one of the first people into the shop and there weren’t creases to the spine from poor handling, just what appeared to be a very fragile book. Long story short, these were tender enough that I anticipate we will see a few less 9.8s as a result. I still picked up 6 more copies today.

Just some boots on the ground insight as we wait for online purchases to ship.


Picking mine up in an hour. Will report back.


Exclusive is the wrong term. It’s a store variant. Nothing 'exclusive’about it. Anyone can order it.

Exclusive to that store or that store’s partner stores (or an event like a convention). Seems applicable to me, but call 'em what you want. :slight_smile:

Each store I visited today had an extremely low number of the 27 3rd print on shelves - like no more than 5-6 copies each.

Didn’t pick any up cuz spines were trash. :man_shrugging:


I looked at about 12 copies today and cgc wouldn’t make any of them 9.8. I do like hearing that print run may be on the lower side. Cgc needs to grade this book on a curve!

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Damn shame… and Marvel doesn’t even use that flimsy cover paper for all of its books. Current example with a significantly sturdier cover would be Champions #1 from today - those covers had much less give to em.

Maybe if everyone complains enough they’ll turn around and start using “card stock” covers that come with a $1-2 cover price hike :unamused: … also, maybe this has been their master plan all along :thinking:

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Greaaaaaat…can’t wait to get my copies mailed to me…ink will probably have all rubbed off the spine and onto the backing board too…like marvel comics with dark ink typically do…


Only 4 copies left at my store. My copies seem ok. The spines are decent, but yeah, probably not 9.8.


Venom #27 3rd was the most ordered comic that week, right? I thought I saw Cates retweet something about it at the time.

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It’s comical that everyone’s so used to it, that a brand new book with many copies reviewed between multiple forum members. And it’s NBD, probably no 9.8 in sight.

Venomismypassion probably has a bunch of 9.8s. He purchased 400 copies spread out across multiple vendors.

I still have copies coming in the mail from 2 different locations. On top of that, I have a single copy coming from midtown comics lol

I feel like definitely not but I could be wrong. I saw a large stack of Thor 8. Amazing Spiderman is on an “anniversary” issue of sorts so multiple covers + full stacks. This week is also Batman 100 which is another issue with a bunch of variants.

Taking a fair amount of willpower for me not to go on a rant about those super high gloss Batman #100 covers… :eyes:

But yeah I had a handful of Venom 27 3rd print copies pre-ordered online - I would’ve picked up an in-store copy (even with the fragile, chippy spines) if I didn’t.

Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket if one of them arrives in 9.8ish condition :upside_down_face:

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I bought zero Venom 27 3rd prints…

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I bought two, “Venom,” #27 3rd print covers. One to sell and one to hold onto.

2 reasons these have spine chips / breaks.

  1. retailers struggling to take comics out of the Diamond shipping boxes
  2. Diamond packing them up