Venom 25 Funko variant

Isn’t there a Virus character that was in X-Men too?


Yup, Lyle Doorne. First X-Men #2 and died in issue #5.

Maybe the new Virus is the existing Virus from Peter Parker #48:slight_smile:

Let me scan it

Virus is a pretty common word… maybe it’ll end up being like our John Smith here in U.S. of A. :slight_smile:

He appears in #49 not 48 and he is very symbiote like

Sweet, let’s run with it, create an article and watch it show up on Covrprice’s top ten list next week. :slight_smile:

I sent my weekend specs to you Add it there check the messages

Yeah, I’m not at computer so I forwarded to @Anthony , he’s doing it now I think.

A quick lookup, Marvel Fandom says this Virus is Human mutated by nano-virus. Hmmm… but you’re right though, he does look very symbiote’y. I’ll have to see if the issues are in Marvel Unlimited to check out myself.

Marvel shows issue #48 and #49 are his only appearances too… no death listed.

In 48 it’s just the guy in 49 he transforms to Virus and escapes by melting through the floor kinda weird if that’s it for his appearances, since it’s like origin transformation and escape to never be used again.

Until Donny Cates resurrects him cause he finds an old Iron Man suit and the nano virus bonds with a Symbiote… :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought a copy of #49 just now call it my $3 lottery ticket.

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Cheap gambling. Now, message Cates on twitter and confirm if we cracked the code or not. :slight_smile:

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Covid-19 and the Flu ? or is it too soon to make jokes :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, ya never know. Midtown had three and was almost as much to ship them as it was to buy them so I figured why not.

Hell, I’ll play!..bought two cheap copies from my go to sellers on Amazon.

Omg, so many copies flying off eBay…many in sets though, but if covrprice or CBSI or krapkollector has software to differentiate lots from singles then PP49 may just make too 10 lists next week.

Interesting social experiment we have going here…

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