Venom 26 2nd Printing

Yeah for real Marvel is kinda looking good on these 2nd and 3rd prints over the variants(some at least) $30 store exclusive is 10($28) copies on preorder to flip extras.

I’m buying that.

That cover makes me think that Virus is Harry or Norman. :man_shrugging:

Wow that is a really nice cover. I guess I’m buying Cates books now.

TFAW prolly is starting to think a bot has taken over my account.

I’ve been endlessly checking and ordering things.

Nice cover for sure.


And anyone who is lazy in searching, here’s the direct link to Venom #26 2nd Print pre-order on TFAW.

Maybe it is Phil Urich… or Black Winter jr.


Web of Spider-Man 125 pretty cheap right now…

I’ve got a few left floating around. Would enjoy it being Urich because I could get them up and sold right away. A lot out there are saying Virus will be Lee Price though.

Lots of talk it’s Price and some pretty good clues to match that way. Theyd have to somehow explain the goblin stuff though as that wouldn’t fit Price. I noticed Price first has been climbing.

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I have both books in my PC either way. Both Urich and Price are good candidates though. I just want to find out lol

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If you search on Lee Price and accidentally click on the artist page…you get some weird photos…