Venom #26 Another store variant and it’s a beauty 😡


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I really like that! Tomorrow at 3pm…may just try for that one.

But does this new character on the cover make an Appearance in the book…?

Haha… ummm… NOPE!

I’m so over the 300 homage variants but I must admit, I actually like this one myself…

I got in for the trade dress before it sold out. Liked the look of it! Hope the character is worth the hype as well.


Patriotika looks like the soles of her ‘shoes’ are the same as PS4 Spider-Mans’.

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The Venom #26 to grab might end up being the Venom #26 Wednesday Variant. There’s some talk that it’s not that awful looking Colonel Mustard solid cover that Diamond and retailers have posted but it’s an actual cool looking cover… It’s already past FOC and most shops apparently didn’t go heavy on them from some rumors I’ve been told…

TFAW has them limited to 1 per… they likely have limited extras they ordered after FOC.

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@agentpoyo but be gone already…no luck for me at TFAW.

Oh damn, I was just on there and added my own to pre-order. They must of been super limited…

I just refreshed and used another browser, they show the Pre-Order button for me still…

@agentpoyo has the button…lets me click (and logged in on my account) but afterwards goes to a screen that says quantity not available.

No biggie, i’ll keep trying or snag one from ebay.

Ah… that’s just them teasing you now… :slight_smile:

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I am typically a non variant type comic person…it’s very rare that I spend money on them. Maybe if a certain one really catches my eye or I believe is special.

Maybe, I too, am caught up in the post Covid blitz but so many of these variants for Venom are really appealing to me.

I would buy that story board/throw back type cover of Virus above too if I see it. I really like it.
I need to get myself in check though…I still firmly believe that most of the variants are a waste of money that is better spent on older books.

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There’s a solid green cover out today for Green Lantern 80th