Venom #27 Spoiler

for all you people who were wondering what we saw coming out of Venom #27 so far, here ya go, I shoved the spoiler page in my FOC picks this week.

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Don’t think the Vengers really matter since those characters have already appeared venomized multiple times on covers and in Venomverse.

Hmm, I’m a big fan of Stegman, but I’ll pass on that one. Not that it isn’t nice, just doesn’t instill a “have to have” in me.

I’m having a hard time thinking that’s the “sketch” cover… I think that’s just someone messing with photoshop to make the regular look different to gain attention on eBay searches for the book.


You think they would of called it a negative cover not a sketch cover if this is what it looks like. Maybe that’s Codex a glowing white symbiote of the new city they just arrived to lol

So I just downloaded Venom #27 cover. Loaded the image into GIMP (yes, it’s Gnu Image Manipulation Program), it’s Linux own version of Photoshop.

Clicked Colors > Invert… Boom, you got your new snazzy image… it took them all but 2 seconds to create.


You should sell it as a store exclusive make sure you do a zoomed in cover too so they can see the detail of your hard work.

Sweet… I’ll just have them printed up as CHU Exclusive Lithos, limited to 50, signed by @Anthony on glossy stock photo cardboard… $200 each… :slight_smile:

There should be a tool that turns it into a sketch cover on one of the graphic design programs🤷‍♀️

There probably is… here’s my official BW Newsprint Edition Variant.

Enhanced BW…

The BW Embossed Variant…

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That will be it most likely☝️

I don’t think they’re necessarily Venomized though… seems like they’re a Symbiote Task force of some kind in this Universe… I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I won’t order heavy then. A task force of already existing characters…Meh!

I was hopping for something juicy… lol

Still good chance the mystery character shows up…


But yeah, I’m not going heavy. When they announce the 1:100 variant, that means theres gonna be a crap ton available.

Is “Codex” the unnamed character from 25? Or another new character?

Releasing a 1:100, you’d think something bigger then the avengers tasks force.

I believe I saw that the 1:100 will be the sketch version of the Stegman B cover that doesn’t have the art released yet.