Venom #29

Well…looks like the new fella is a baddie! Perhaps he’s just misunderstood.

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I hope he drops Dylan. I’m getting tired of the scared boy story…


@agentpoyo Maybe he’s forcing him to fly lol…Like a Robin and her little ones in the nest? :slight_smile:


I was gonna say, another wussy Dylan cover!

Pretty Sure this is Batman

Now there is a 1:25 Venom #25 3rd print variant lol. Stegman sketch of the 2nd lol.
Going all aboard on a Crazy train…

If that’s Batman, let’s hope that’s just another dead Robin he’s about to drop… :wink:

Unknowncomics Street Level Heroes. I’ve been trying to stay away from store variants but I actually like this cover.

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Shit hitting the fan over at Frankies Facebook lots of pissed people over delays some very long. Removing rude people from the Facebook and cancelling their orders from the website. I completely understand the frustration I bought the maestro gauntlet cover the second it went up at Frankies it’s not even on the list to be shipped in the next 6 weeks was suppose to start shipping Sept 5th. Ordered the same set at Golden Apple later that day their last set in stock. That already arrived last Tuesday already sold and shipped by me to the person that preordered it. I have like 12 unfulfilled orders with Frankies and about 4 of them have already been in the hands of people that bought elsewhere and are being bought and sold on eBay while people who ordered at Frankies have to wait another month +.That Peach Darth Maul is on CBSI hot 10 list and the majority of the copies haven’t even been able to be preordered and sold yet because Frankies is so behind they held back from offering them. Kinda weird on a hot 10 list the majority still waiting to be sold. I also understand Kevin is busy opening a brick and mortar and short staffed that he’s been filling positions but your still selling 3-5 variants a week preorders in the hundreds. Keep increasing the mountain of workload with trainees doing the packing. I suggest hiring some people in front of Home Depot and get the job done in a week.

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Yeah he’s defn feeling the brunt of it with several employees leaving and opening the physical store at the same time.

Everything I bought is for me so I don’t mind waiting, but I get the frustration of those looking to flip and being delayed.

I feel bad for Kevin, that Facebook page for Frankie’s has turned into a warzone.

People getting mad at Frankies for delays are the same people preselling those variants on Ebay and not getting them to buyers on time…


This is what you get for flipping books you dont have.


I couldn’t imagine packing 10,000 comic orders I would just light the place on fire and call the insurance company.:joy:

I said the same in the group. Only folks MOSTLY mad are flippers.

these my orders open for Frankie’s. I got noooo problem waiting. I understand the issues. And I agree with @Alana at I’m confused how hes still selling books and all while hes behind. He definitely should be focused on catching up before selling more books adding to his work load.

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He isnt selling books, thats the problem. Marvel and Dc yes, but nothing else. He is still buying though and thTs going to bite him in the ass because the books wont have any interest a month from now.

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How far in advance do you need to put in for a store exclusive? That could be part of why.

He’s still selling the exclusives. Det Com 1027 is tomor.

It’s the ratios and regular covers he isn’t selling at the moment.

That’s because hes backed up on orders from end of June/July that other sites have mailed out already. I got this book even after the double cover fiasco and still didnt get my early Frankie orders.

I have 7 open orders with them. I don’t really care much about when I get them and have never inquired as I have seen the updates that they are behind. Almost becomes like the Christmas presents in the back of the closet my parents forgot to give me that are found mid-July.

Despite this…I do believe at a certain point, it becomes bad business to hype a new sale, take on even more sales/responsibilities when the focus should entirely be on getting out of the weeds a bit.

There are plenty of comic shops that don’t ever have the opportunity to do these massive, high profile, high money making bursts of elite exclusive variants. My local shop owners said they could only dream of some day doing one.

These shops are handling the hottest artists and titles in the industry and to a massive degree. I get staffing issues and logistical issues…but nobody is forcing these places to do these sales. Certainly to the point they are doing them while getting behind.

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Its a collaboration between stores for the most pRt. Frankies just buys in with the group. He might di few of his own now and again, but groups are the way to go

So he isn’t allowed to say to these groups…“sorry gang, little behind, gonna have to pass on this one… I’ll be ready for the next”.