Venom: Let There Be Carnage trailer


I need me more Tom Hardy loving Tom Hardy movies

Why’d the spider have to die though? :eyes:

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That trailer looks sick as F. Can’t wait to see it… At home when it comes out on DVD lol.

I like Tom Hardy as well but the voice he chose for Eddie annoys the crap out of me…


Spider-Man Unlimited 1

Shriek was in the trailer

Director says one of the cops after Carnage is Patrick Mulligan aka Becomes Toxin

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Yeah, I thought this news was already provided about a year or so ago. Glad to see it pan out… all my Spider-Man Unlimited #1 will pay off now…

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So, anybody know what Carnage’s first appearance in comic is? :stuck_out_tongue:

Got a CGC 9.6 a while ago for less than $100. They are trending at $500-700 now. Woohoo. That was easy.


Depends on how you define “Carnage”… is it symbiote only or does it have to be bonded to a human? Which came first, the symbiote or the bond? It’s like the chicken and the egg game… :wink:

Carnage effects shots don’t look much better than the Spawn movie from 25 years ago.

I only have one ASM 361. It’s raw but I could try to get it graded before Venom 2 opens. What would you do?

Keep or sell?
  • Sell it on this movie hype
  • Keep holding for the long-term

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Think about the next generation of Spider-Man fans being born today. ASM 298, 299, and 300 will be out of reach in terms of price for them. Who’s going to be their next go-to symbiote villain?

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totally agree.

I have 1 copy of ASM #361 myself. I’ve already deemed it a book to keep for the PC for the very long haul.


Like shooting symbiotes in a barrel…/

Red Goblin. After hobgoblin makes his debut, of course.

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I’m so ready for Red Goblin… I took advantage of Midtown’s big 75% off type sale long ago and loaded up on a stack. One day, all those $1 books will pay off, even if they sell for $10… my ROI will look very very nice…

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If it’s Dylan who goes red goblin long-term than it’s 799 that will be the one over 798

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