Video game future spec? What titles you think could be big?

We know Last of Us, but what others do you think have a chance? God of War would be good. Maybe even Horizon Zero Dawn with the peach covers?

Likely past the point where it would have been successful, but I always wanted a Diablo series. I know there was a DarkHorse book, but a good, creepy, sort of mature themed comic focused on the lore. I’ve always loved the premise, art, characters of Diablo.


I have a lot of my life invested in Diablo lol. And final fantasy


I hope that they do a cartoon show or maybe a movie with Horizon Zero Dawn one day. God of War could be good.

I haven’t liked a final fantasy game since XII.

XIV is pretty fun (but as an MMO obviously a timesink). I think past that, the last one I actually bothered to finish was X.

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Some of the god of war books have already picked up a bit. Do you know if it’s going to be live action or animated? Movie or Series? I’m a huge GOW fan.

I haven’t liked one since 10. I try them all though. 7 remake was pretty good. I should revisit 12 though.

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Last i heard was netflix was trying to get it. I’d love a live action

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If you liked 7-10 then 12 is great as well. I just like all the side quests, optional huge boss battle and building up your characters. I’m also a fan of the old battle systems and not a fan of the button mashing of later games.

I have a few copies of the mgs1 comic including the 2nd print and Graham crackers store exclusive, love the games but I still feel Hollywood has a ways to go with proper game adaptations.

XIV story is amazing, timesink yes, but really really good storyline. FF7R I didn’t know if I would enjoy as it was quite a bit different than the original…some button mashing…but it was actually hard and I had a lot of fun living that story again.

When I was about 6 or 7 I found the first Final Fantasy without a box at a garage sale…didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but eventually got through the whole thing and have played every single one since then. Amazing folks over there at Square Enix ;). Not all of them were winners, but 90% had great stories.

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Zelda has a huge fan base… A well written and illustrated comic would do well.


Always thought the fighting game franchises have untapped potential. Think king of fighters series and street fighter. Very rich back stories, character rosters, but so much letdown when it comes to stuff like movie adaptations.

Frogger FTW

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My kids and I would love this! Zelda is right up there with FF!

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The original FFXIV was a disaster. Naoki Yoshida took it over and completely remade it to the exceptional MMO game it is now. This is who Square Enix has put in charge of producing FF XVI, which will be the first next gen FF title. Should be amazing and looks as such from the teaser. And yes with the fan base Final Fantasy has it should definitely be more than just games and toys but that one awful movie they put so much money in and for some reason had nothing to do with Final Fantasy I think has scared the executives from ever doing anything more since.

yeah i had high hopes for the FF movie, and the WoW one… they seem to just not give video game movies a good budget. Even The Witcher on Netflix is lacking on some of the quality…but I like the show!

life is strange #1, very popular game and comic has tiny print run

I got, “Life is Strange,” during a PlayStation Store sale and keep forgetting to play it. I’ve heard good things.