Video Game Grading?

When did that become a thing?

I see 2 players on that board right.

Video game grading has been around a little while now. Probably started getting big five or six years ago.

Some of the grail NES games go for big big money if they are complete in box.

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Some big-time Nintendo games out there! I was always more of a Sega guy. Have a halfway decent collection of Genesis, Sega CD and Saturn games but it is almost impossible to keep up with everything because there is so much out there.

I was a Sega guy too. The one thing I liked about Sega is, sure they didn’t have a lot of games compared to Nintendo and Sony at the time but the games they did have seemed to put a lot of quality and work into.

I still have a Master System with a few games. I regret selling the Master System I had that was still brand new in box. The components were still sealed and the box was in great shape. I was moving and sold it for like $300. I’m sure the condition it was in it’d go for more than a thousand nowadays…

I sold some high grade SNES Star Wars games a few years back for good money. I had bought them in ebay sealed like 10 years prior but never opened them.

I’ve also sold some Sega classic games for $20 or so. A Sega guy myself, sonic and NHLPA ‘93 have always been favorites.

One time I played a whole season of NHL and I think lost one game…I’m not sure how, but in 82 games I suppose the computer is allowed to win once…

I loved Sonic on the Genesis but the game I probably lost most of my life to and missed plenty of college classes over was Dragon Force (which goes for a pretty penny now).

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I’d pay a bit for some classic Dreamcast games if I ever had another Dreamcast and wanted to take a trip down memory road. They can’t be graded, however. I need to be able to play me some, “Crazy Taxi,” for hours on end!

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Dragon Force came out the same day as Panzer Dragoon Saga. I called my local TRU a little before they opened and they got both in but only two copies of Panzer. People knew long before it was released That Sega was going to limit them to 10,000 or less copies. I didn’t have school that day so as soon as it opened I was there. I wanted them both but could only get one. Panzer Dagoon Saga was it. Great game and I still have it. Dragon force was fairly limited too. Never did get that one and as you pointed out goes for nice amount now.

I spent hours upon hours of my childhood playing the EA NHL series. Nothing quite like having Roenick make Gretzky’s head bleed. Look at lil’ Wayne’s legs kicking all over the place…:joy:

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Ooh… Yeah, I had Panzer as well… That was another great game.

I have all these games on my raspberry pi. I have every game made for N64, Dreamcast, PlayStation and earlier all on one tiny device that costs less than one of these games unopened. I collect everything but draw the line at old game cartridges, and 8 tracks. I collect laser discs here and there.

Hook me up Alana…

He has other ones up to 400gb. Everything works no double games. This is the 400gb game list

Yeah, if you want to just play the games, you can find most of them online to download and play under emulators, etc.

I still have the original Genesis, Super Nintendo, Playststion 1-4, and the N64. I have couple of games for each, but man games are getting more expensive.

Was going to convert my arcade1up to use the pi but you have to change out all the buttons and joysticks above my pay grade

You don’t even need to buy hardware for most old games, you can find most are available where you can just play in your web browser… first NES lookup found this site…

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107 Dreamcast games on the 400gb. I didn’t even know there was more than 20 Dreamcast games.