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There was the Great Glitter Event of 2019, but that was my wife’s fault and we don’t speak of it…

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Got some of these in stock for anyone who missed them.


Reloaded! Someone cleared me out earlier today of 100 of them in one fell swoop!


Wow. Maybe that person thinks the “misprint” is going to be sought after. Stranger things have happened.

Yeah no clue, surprised me!

This weeks FOC variant packages have been posted. If anyone has a special request just let me know in a PM or via the website :wink:


Snap, def interesting.

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I like the Darkhawk 1 myself… cover A is great and the ratios are awesome too! Win all the way around!

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Anyone looking for all the Spawn covers:

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For anyone that missed this one :wink: Decent deal compared to ebay pricing :wink:

Oh, and its a preorder so 20% off right now.


Some great new packages out there. Star Wars, Red Room (Spawn Incentive), Dark Ages, all on FOC this week!


Is the 35% off for two packages still available?

Last time I bought 3 of the SW Adventures variant packages it was $58.48. Today it is $74.97. Not sure if that is a website issue or if pricing changed.

Hmmm…with the discount it should be within a couple bucks per package to the old pricing. Make sure to use the discount code. I did the math and it came out to about $3 more per package with the new pricing (I took out the 35% off for 2 because it became too confusing after I did the flat 35% off for 1). I wanted to allow people to get just one package and get the same deal.

Code VILLAIN2021?

Yessir! That’s the one u get with the newsletter and it can be reused :wink:


Any 1:50 Dark Ages? If so, how much?


Yeah I came to ask the same thing (Dark Ages #1 1:50 bundle). As well as exactly what you’d get in a bundle as I’ve never bought them like that?

Just add 2 1:25 bundles, you get the 1:50 and the 1:25. I just missed that there was a 1:50 variant. Don’t forget to use the discount code!

For the 1:50 bundle you would get the 1:50, 1:25, and 25 of the covers you choose (please put in customers notes at checkout :slight_smile: )


When we buy from you I forgot what codes we are supposed to use. I was a bit interested in that Red Room set where you get the Spawn homage for $30

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