Holy crap. Just read W0rldtr33. It is a crazy, really well done, book. It’s a very intense story. Violence. Nudity. I liked it.


How long until OPTIONED rumors

So what would be the book covers to get?

I am just going with cover A. So the premise of the story, basically setting up the characters, is a kid gets into the under net and goes on a killing spree while filming it. His brother and his brother’s girlfriend are on the way out to visit him. Then a mysterious group of people realize the undernet is back and set out to stop it. Also the funky haired blonde chick from the covers runs around naked and kills people.


I have an opportunity to read an advance copy too. You’ve got me wanting to check it out now!

I grabbed the 2 Frison variants for the collection. Good to hear it’s a great read though.

Be surprised if this does anything with the amount of covers this book has.

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Hard to argue Tynion’s success these past few years. I really think Department of Truth has the potential to be the next X-Files once it hits TV.


Well there’s your story.

Wait for the later printings. You know they’re coming.

Yeah I’ve decided against getting a copy of 1A. I’m going to wait for the later printings.

So many of the exclusives are expensive. I just don’t see any exclusive worth the $30+ price. I like the spot foil Frison virgin from the UK, but that’ll probably cost $40 shipped. I think I’m sticking with my one cover A with a print run of 7 million.

You can see nearly all the covers below.

Does anyone know what the minimum print runs on Image retailer variants are?

There’s around 20+ retailer covers, which means there should be plenty of those incentive ratios to go around!

1k to start

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32 covers from what I counted.

3k to start as far as I know.

As many covers as dept of truth. Hell even siktc has a new exclusive every issue now

This went into effect in late 2021:

  • Every retailer exclusive cover requested will have a minimum order of 500 copies
  • Retailers may request multiple versions of a cover (virgin, b&w pencils, etc) but EACH cover has a minimum order of 500 copies
  • Every retailer requesting one or more exclusives on an issue #1 commits to also purchasing 50 copies of #1 (any open to buy covers); 40 copies of #2 (any open to buy covers) AND 40 copies of #3 (any open to buy covers)
  • For each retailer exclusive variant requested, retailer agrees to make advance payment to Image of $500, which will cover the plate change fees and cover Image’s Production and Coordination expenses
  • Payment is required in advance of the FOC date. If payment is not received, books will not be printed.
  • All retailer exclusives will ship through Diamond Comic Distributors
  • Artist selection is required to have been signed off on by the creators before the Request Form Deadline
  • A rough sketch of the cover requires creator approval before proceeding to the final art stage
  • Final art is due two weeks before issue FOC
  • Missing any deadlines will result in an immediate, non-negotiable cancellation of the retailer exclusive

I went with the Lobos variant. I’m really getting into his art style, although it’s soooo close to Hughes and Brooks

I’m still not entirely sold on later prints. My SIKTC 3rd print CGC 9.8 has completely collapsed on price. I bought it for $53 before the series blew up, so I’m not regretting it, but I think even the B cover is holding value better than the 3rd print. I’m sure there are many examples otherwise, but I’m a little unsure. Hopefully the later print covers are great and not recycled art.

Usually the last printing holds value.