Walking Dead being reprinted in color

This one is mainly for the shits and giggles (and the famous Kirkman milking a cow meme).

Image is reprinting all 193 issues in color. The series will be titled The Walking Dead Deluxe.

Wouldn’t it be funny if it got cancelled after issue #20

I think part of the initial charm of TWD was it’s B&W art. Those first 100 issues are some of the best modern comic book stories and if you have not read TWD, then this is prime opportunity to read a great story from the onset.

If no one buys it, that could happen.

It might be good for the original run when so and so first appears in the deluxe versions maybe some sales to the original 1st appearance books will result.

Still waiting for that cow milking meme. Maybe you can also add the spirit Of Ted Turner to the meme as well!


Still one of my best photoshop hacks to date… :slight_smile:


I wonder if #163 will cost a quarter again

I think it’s only a matter of time before he either reboots it, spins it off, or just continues with 194. Negan Lives was the first step towards it.

I can’t see these color versions doing well. I can’t believe anyone said it’s B&W I’m not reading it. The trades and omnibus have been on shelves for years so I imagine most who wanted to read the series has as well. If the Tv show was hot and bringing in new viewers, I could see these reprints working, but’s it’s on the down swing obviously.

Now the question is are these 2nd prints or 1st print colored reprints?

…and will possible lower print runs of key issues actually out-spec the B&W equivalents?

I’m thinking the first 10 or so issues and the “keys” will actually have higher 2nd print runs than first prints as people know the content.

Will the covers be different art too…if not, the cover should at least be B&W!

He needs to create something new that can bring him on another journey. Nothing has caught my interest since WD. Well … maybe Oblivion Song.

He can’t, he’s out of ideas. His only cash cow he’s gonna milk until it’s completely dry.

I gave Outcast a chance, it was horrible. Watching paint dry on a wall was more entertaining.
Oblivion Song was a remake of Enormous in a sense, meh…
I’ve read the first 10 pages of his new Firepower and I wanted to gouge my eyes out…

Different Title. TWDD, so, 1st Prints…and there won’t be any sketches from Adlard inserted into the books for unsavoury folks to falsely promote. :joy::joy::joy:

I’d say they’re first prints of the colored volume but essentially they’re the same books. So they’re first print second prints or are they second prints of first prints… if there is such a thing. Sigh!

From the announcement though, looks like he’s going with different covers though entirely from different artists.

The show is in decline and it’s only been like a year since the series ended. At least give it a little more time after there’s newcomers who might not have read or watched show to attract possible new interest in the book. It’s like we just drowned in Walking Dead of the past 10 years and right when we came up for a breath he shoves our head immediately back into the water to drown us a little more…

I doubt it even gets that far… well, I’d be surprised if it does. I really can’t see people going after these (only the lingering hardcore fans). Ooooh… pretty, new covers and now it’s colorized, same damn story though. Meh…

This is turning into a utter shit show… Kirkman with WD is like Avatar Press, let me see how many times I can print the same damn books to keep taking people’s cash from them… This is the very type of tactic and shit that ruins this industry if you ask me. :man_facepalming:

I agree. Im glad im not that person. Dosnt matter anyways, walking away from having a diamond account. People and groups have soured me on being a retailer in any capacity. The comic world is about to fall apart and NO one wants to change things. Diamond is struggling, DC is trying to break the direct market and small publishers are moving to alternate Selling/ distribution platforms. I wish you the best of luck as a speculator / retailer in the coming months. Including you J.

Would these be like 4th prints as they did Walkimg Dead Werkly and then also the bags.

Well… When #1 comes out im pretty sure its gonna be the 356th printing… So many #1s

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True. One of my LCS even had the version where it was their window broken on the cover. I’m sure they did that for dozens/hundreds of stores