Walking Dead ending

The news is making its way along the interwebz. The Walking Dead is ending with issue #193.

With #191 and #192, people seemed ready to jump back on The Walking Dead. Some of us were anticipating #194 because of the new character. #193 is guaranteed to sell out as I don’t think shops had been ordering enough (maybe they were also waiting for #194).

What do y’all think? The end of an era.

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But seriously, don’t think it’s ending at #193. You can pre-order #195 now.

The only way Mr Kirkman the Cash Cow Milker, would agree to a cancelation would be, likely, if he joined the ranks of the Dead himself …

The rumor last time was 192 was supposed to be the end with fake solicitations for 193 and 194.


Taking orders right now for 195.

Hard to imagine them not going to at least 200 to milk it for a big double sized issue with tons of variant covers. 192 was also supposed to be the last issue for the Omnibus so 193 would be the 1st of the next.

193 is in stock at Diamond right now and the issue is fully returnable to Diamond with no qualifiers for the qty ordered initially by FOC so I was able to double my order just now and if the rumors false they get to have back the unsold extras at no risk.

Its over.

Fake solicits have been used before.

DC used fake solicits for Flash Fastest Man Alive in 08 to hide the death.

Many retailers have confirmed it.

Was his creative decision

A la Vince Gilligan ans Breaking Bad which ended at the peak of its “cash cow” ness. RIP Walking Dead

Amazing Kirkman was able to pull this off.

Even with giving up on the show the comic was always my first read of the pile the week it came out since issue 4/5. Will be weird next month without it.

In hindsight the fake solicits for 194 and 195 look so hokey

How can retailers have confirmed it when no retailers will be receiving copies until tomorrow? That’s just for those with day early so many others don’t get theirs into Wednesday.

Most retailers have their copies today? Thats been common for a while. Retailers are even PROMOTING it

i dont know if the final page showing kirkmans letter is real, but this issue is 71 pages so it makes sense. I have seen the pictures all over the facebook groups

Anyone know a good comic shop near durham NC?

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I just got off the phone with Diamond. No accounts anywhere are scheduled to receive comics earlier than tomorrow and that’s only if they’re signed up for Day Early delivery which Diamond charges $4 a week for.


When I ran two stores in New England I took the comics home on Tuesday night to read. Stores were always ready to go on opening Wednesday

When I ran two stores in New England I took the comics home on Tuesday night to read. Stores were always ready to go on opening Wednesday

Exactly, today is MONDAY not Tuesday. The stores do not get UPS delivery until tomorrow and then only if they are set up and PAYING $4 a WEEK for DAY EARLY DELIVERY.

If anything exists it can’t be verified until UPS begins dropping boxes off tomorrow.

Bj. My ups driver called me around 2 asking where i was, he had one of the 5 boxes for me. Im out of town else i would confirm myself. Its not uncommon for mw to get my stuff on monday, the plattesburg facility is darn near right next to me. Mind u it dosnt happen all the time, but aroubd the holidays it seems to happen alot.

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If it’s happened it sounds like a total screw up on UPS’s part. I got a box Thursday unusually from Diamond but it was 40 back stock copies of DCeased #2, nothing new and they sent a separate tracking number ahead of time so I knew it was coming even though I didn’t know what it contained.

I saw an E-bay listing with a scan of 6 books with a copy of 193 that apparently is not supposed to be on sale or displayed before Wednesday so it appears someone got some copies early they weren’t supposed to and are selling before Diamond allows it. That’s enough for me to take a chance and buy and extra 30 more copies since it’s still in stock at Diamond right now.

This is why we CHU our comics. Verification of UPS screw ups/stupidity in time to order while Diamond has plenty to be ordered.

Showing out of stock for me

Nvm, its in stock now. This is going to be a very iinteresting ride

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Showing out of stock for me

That’s my fault!!! I decided to take your word for it and bought a stupid number. It’s showing out/pink arrow on the outside of the listing but once you click in it shows green in stock. I think we’re blowing up Diamonds software.

Let the 2ND PRINTING with QTY/RATIO VARIANT solicitations begin!!!

Do I hear a 3rd Printing in the works?

It’s not I’ve seen some of the coming covers for issue 200.