Walmart DC/Marvel Packs

Anyone braved Walmart lately? Had to run in and the card gaming isle was free so I checked to see if there were any New three packs Or more strange academy 1s.

But instead they looked like a hurricane hit them. Plastic packaging all compromised…comics picked through. And it wasn’t just a couple…it was a stack of 10 or so. Been noticing this now in every Walmart I go to that carry them.

And it’s the DC 4 packs too.

Once I just took the three loose comics I liked best and made my own three pack! I didn’t know which ones went in which, so I guessed…sort of.

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For some reason the Walmarts by me don’t sell comics.

No. I was going to try one not far from me a few weeks back. Got out. Put on my N95 and proceeded towards the gates that guide people in one entrance. Guy was not wearing a mask and smoking a cigarette standing right in the middle of it talking to an employee with no mask smoking a cigarette. Like blocking the f-omg entrance. I said screw it and went home.


I have a Walmart near me that has less traffic than most. Ive always found just about any of the books or packs. Of late, they no longer have much by way of comics. I’d say the last shipments or restocks we’re about two months ago. From what I’ve seen, those DC wrapped packs (one of which had that third print of Batman 89) were the last. Nothing from Marvel for even longer.

I saw an outlawed #1 Walmart variant…is see a few good sales, but I’m not familiar with the book and whether it has first appearances in it…so I passed. Didn’t even examine the shape it was in.

I think people are cutting these open looking for 2nd prints which have recently jumped.

Same scenario here. One of the times I went out to pick up groceries I thought “I’ve got my mask, it should be fine” and pulled a 180 when I saw a group of about 10 people (some employee some shopper) all standing in the entryway shoulder to shoulder talking with each other without masks on.

There are few that I stop at when I am near them once a month or so. It is either hit or miss. I have not seen to many packs ripped apart. I was lucky about a month ago. I found Venom First Host #5 2nd Print in an old marvel 7 comics for about $10 pack.

Waltmart…no matter where you go and no matter which city or state you are in, it is still…Walmart.


Even without the pandemic, I don’t brave Walmart… nope, not gonna do it.



Agreed. The hunt is fun, but having to step inside a Walmart isn’t worth it. No thanks.

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I got lucky and found a Marvel pack 2 weeks ago with the Thor #1 and Strange Academy #1 variants. I already sold the Strange Academy on eBay for $26. I got really lucky with these 3-packs. The back is all 2nd and 3rd printings- what I used to think was filler. But I got a Venom #12 2nd print- sold for $40 and a New Agents of Atlas 3rd print that is selling in the $60-$100 range lately. I’m holding onto that one at the moment to see what happens with it.

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That’s why people are tearing into them.

But if you know the cover you’re looking for By the color And pattern along the spine you can pretty much determine if those books are in the pack or not.

Reminds me of the old first edition of the marcel universe cards where the chase foils we’re added to the pack rather than swapping it out. They were poly packed and All you had to was lay the packs side by side and see which one had the extra card. I stocked up on those foils.

I think 2nd edition was the same way. Third they caught on.

I haven’t found anything good of ones that weren’t already open.

Venom 8 2nd print is about as good as it got.

I have bought quite a few of these. Never any rhyme or reason to the packs & they are never consistent with what is in them. At least with my area Walmarts.

My two strange academy 3-packs had the exact same books,

I just wish Walmart would put them somewhere else. I was going to stand there and analyze the spines but they place them in a self checkout line. No room to look at anything in that aisle.

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I got 3 Strange Academy Packs. Need a 4th to complete the circle. :confused:

What I do is grab the whole stack and go to an area with less traffic/mire space…then Put them back when I’m done.


For those brave enough to actually enter a Walmart, Bleeding Cool did a nice breakdown of the new DC packs.

I’d love to get a Legion of Superheroes #6 pack, but Walmart is at the bottom of my list even when we are not in a pandemic.