Walmart Packs - 1Q22

Anyone seen these in stores. I looked 2 days ago and nothing new. This listing is first I’ve heard there were new ones.

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I was just in Walmart a day or so ago and saw nothing new relating to the comics. I did win a Captain Marvel/Shazam plush from the crane game though, so that was nice.


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Are you in the west coast or east coast? I’ve been to so many walmarts in the west coast and can’t find %$#^. Asking the staff is useless as most would not know. Feel like I’m looking in the wrong places.

I was in Walmart a few days ago, and saw nothing new. I’ll keep an eye out though as my stores always get these

I was just going to start a thread noting Walmart 1Q22 Marvel 3-packs should be coming out, and to be on the lookout/

They come out quarterly almost to the day. And the 4Q21 packs started 10/28/21.

I’m going to try to move this to a new thread, but if I can’t figure it out I’ll look to @agentpoyo for help.

Going to lock while I figure it out.

Update: All set - Have at it!

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Anytime I go to Walmart if they have them they are all opened or bent to hell from people scanning the books.

I just got back from Walmart and:

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Neither. Im 1 hour NW of Toronto. I saw the comics in the two Walmart’s that are local to me in surrounding smaller towns. The comics were in the Sports cards section, that is in the toy section, of the stores.

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Those are last quarters books. My local still has the Boushh. I need to pull the trigger and get a copy.

Wife drug me to Walmart just now. Still nothing new.

Nice find with the MK #3. Good one to hold.

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Looking at new listings on eBay. Here’s what I’m finding:

Hawkeye KB #1

ASM #79

Venom #2

Black Panther #1

Star Wars Life Day #1

Star Wars HR Trail of Shadows #2

Star Wars Crimson Reign #1


Like the Kate Bishop, ill have to get one. I like it better when they do new covers for the Walmart version rather then the color swap.

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Need to double check which new covers. Disappointed the three Star Wars are not the regular series. Would have been excited if Life Day was new art.

Seems like only KB is new. Usually there are 2 or 3 new covers. So I must be missing a pack.

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Thanks for sharing. Nothing exciting by the covers on top. Wonder whats included in the packs? Will check out my Walmart tomorrow.

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If anybody finds a Crimson Reign or Life Day and is willing to ship it, I’ll gladly buy it.


Yeah, they are all walmart variants as the UPCs get relocated to the back. And then slight trade dress title color changes. But some have original Art.

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Nothing at my Walmart today.

The new DC packs have some interesting finds. Some incentives and exclusives being pulled. I grabbed a pack looking for the square bound Catwoman 80th anniversary, as a few J Scott Campbell exclusives were found. Sure enough. I got the C cover. 1200 printed.

Top book was Black Manta 1. Also Batman 101b and Task Force Z 2a. Pretty solid pack.

Pretty easy to spot the square bound books. Also saw a Batman 100 blank and a Three Jokers.