Walmart Packs - 2Q21

I was just thinking, it’s probably getting close to new Walmart packs time, as they seem to hit about once per quarter. Just saw this on Facebook:

If anyone spots the new packs, snap a few pics. There’s usually one hot pack per batch, but I’m not sure if SWHR 3 is the hot one.


Last time, Marvel seemed to be getting rid of Lenticulars. The batch before had a bunch of 2nd prints as internal books. The poster of this image got two blanks for internal books. Yuck.

My Walmart was placing these behind the counter with tobacco and cigarettes.

Usually takes a few weeks for these to show up locally after the first one comes out…usually in Florida.

Will wait until some of you guys start seeing them before I chance it.

Hey. My Walmarts dont participate in these packs. Sooo as before if any of the fellow CHU-ers can help out let me know. I know the homie @D-Rog helped me out last time.

I’ll grab one for you if I see extras.

Any idea where this Walmart was?

Nope. I do seem to recall that the first ones were found in FLA last time. I’m in MN, and I think it was a few weeks later here.

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two blanks? What do you mean? :thinking:

Two blank covers. Forget the titles. Howard the Duck and something else.

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gotcha thanks for clarifying

From ebay, it looks like theres also an ASM 62 pack and one for Black Knight Curse of the Ebony Blade

Yea I went to Walmart last week and the comics and cards and stuff have all been moved to behind the counter with tobacco. At least now I might be able to find some instead of seeing them all gone or all opened


The walmart up here where I’m working don’t sell comics :unamused:

Alien 1 (new cover)

Silk 1 (existing cover)

Asm 62 Gleason variant

SW hr3

Scream #1

Spiderman king in black #1

Black knight #1

Those are the front facing books for every new bundle this month. I can see that both the bundles I picked up have lenticulars in em.

Would upload pics but too much work to crop and get them under the size limit ATM.

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I want to say that the ASM 62 was an incentive variant? First time seeing what was an incentive in these WalMart packs :thinking:

It could be a re-color of an incentive, and not the actual incentive.

Braved my Walmart on the way home today…nothing.

Scream #1 is an old Walmart cover. There is no Walmart cover for Spider-man King In Black #1 that I see.

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Ended up picking up 3 packs just for fun. Nothing special underneath. Some real duds actually.

What the heck is major x? And how did issue number 3 of major x get more than one printing? :rofl:

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Download photo resize. If your posting here it’s worth having. I downloaded it and works perfect for batch size alterations.


awesome - thanks!

Hmm I could be mistaken then - it was a spider-man book however, and I could’ve sworn the trade dress, specifically the font for “spider-man” , looked like the font used on this book - it wasn’t this cover though, that’s for sure… :thinking:

Should’ve taken pics :man_facepalming:.

The scream bundle could’ve been a left over from a previous month.

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