Walmart Packs - 2Q22

Saw a new batch today.


I had a feeling the new ones would be out today

There was also a Han & Chewie 1 and Ghost Rider 1 not pictured.

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Who is the cover artist on the Venom LP #1?. The Venom #5 looks the same except the Trade Dress looks switched from bottom to top of the cover?

did you buy them ? any good books inside ?

I guess I need to go find that moon knight one…

the venom cover is by Skan

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Only grabbed the Venom and Moon Knight, bunch of crap inside…


Great…hide the best ones from view…

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And I’m going to move this to another thread. This is not 1q22.

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I went to 2 Walmarts and they had the new packs. There were only one of each Han & Chewie 1 and Ghost Rider 1 at both store so they maybe the lesser amount of the group.

If anybody stumbles across a Han and Chewie they don’t want I’ll gladly buy it off them. Hit me up in DM.

Have we confirmed that these are all duds this quarter? All the Carnage ones were gone at my Wal-Mart

I didnt see anything worth picking up.

I still can’t find that new Moon Knight one and I checked more Walmart locations than I am proud to admit.

Until I hear/see they have hot ratio variants or later printings that are not available online elsewhere, I’m out.

I liked the High Republic variants…even the ones that were the same cover art as the Cover A because they move the UPC to the back cover.

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I personally grabbed the Ghost Rider one simply because it is cool.

Not to beat a dead horse, but once again, these packs are also on the shelves now at the Meijer Chain of stores in the Midwest. Saw all of them today—Meijers is quite a bit nicer than Walmart as well! :slight_smile:


Look what I found today at Walmart. I saw the second book was a foil so I bought it. It turned out to be Batman 80 foil. Top book was Batman Beyond the White Knight.


Interesting in that the White Knight was supposedly over sold and allocated…

First print, right?

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