WalMart Packs - 3Q21


Alien cover new art ?

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Looks like it. I can’t tell if it’s 1, 2, ….

I think the Alien is #4

It looks like they are adding changes to logo colors again.

The X-Men logo on the normal A cover is white. Black Cat logo went from pink to gold. High Republic logo shape on A is gold, here it’s black. Extreme Carnage logo went from yellow to green, and so on…

I hate that I love these Walmart packs so much. If you find anything cool on the internal books, post it here!

If anybody finds extra Star Wars packs or they find them and they don’t particularly want them, you have a buyer in me. You know where to find me.

Looking for a Walmart Star wars High Republic #1 and #3 still to complete my CIRCLE :slight_smile:

Same flow as the Walmart thread you find any I’m buying. STAR WARS & Spider people.

I’ll take a look at a nearby Walmart to see if they have the new ones yet. I’m willing to buy and ship out at cost (books, postage, shipping supplies). Let me know which packs you want and quantities.

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Just one each of War of the Bounty Hunters and High Republic 6. Thanks!

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complete sentence.

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Have you all seen the crazy stuff people are pulling out of this batch of Walmart packs? Seems like they are finding a bunch of incentives.

Spidey 55 2nd print 1:50
Spidey 55 3rd print Gleason virgin (huh?)
Venom 1 1:1000
Marvel Zombies 1:100
Eternals 1:200
Black Knight 1 1:100 peach
Non-stop spiderman 1 premiere variant 2 per store

We had second prints as internal books a few batches ago. Then lenticulars. Then blanks. This wave looks to have more incentives, and pretty good ones, too. That Gleason one doesn’t make a ton of sense, but oh well. Seems like Aliens 4 and SWHR 6 have been the two best packs to pull things from.

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Forgot to post it the other day.


I’m going to get nothing but Mary Jane reprints.


A strikeout for me so far. Got an Eternals 1 1:10, but I bought a copy of that pre FOC and cover reveal, and was really disappointed in it. Now I have two. :roll_eyes:

Champions 2, 2nd print
Champions 5b
Black Panther 166 lenticular.


I found a Gleason 55 2nd print 1:50. The book was sandwiched between an Extreme Carnage Alpha (top) book and a Return of the Valkyries Black History Variant. The Gleason was easy to identify, I looked for a white background along the spine, and then traced the ‘web’ markings from the pic that was posted on the CGC forum (I had bought the pack home, and compared the markings before opening the pack). I think this is random between the packs (someone posted on the CGC boards that they found it with the Star Wars HR 6 pack), so the giveaway is the method I used above.
Dont know how to identify the others without actually opening the packs, and dont want to spend on books I am not interested in. If anyone knows of a way, please share. Thanks !

What is the McFarlane book I keep hearing people talk about?

People have been pulling these from the Walmart 3 packs

Venom 1:1000

Saw a few pull this
Immortal Hulk 1:1000

Peach 1:500

Moon Knight #200 1:1000


Are there some links to these pack openings ? Trying to get a feel for the packs these were in.