Walmart Packs - 3Q22

No…no. Nothing yet. But the 3rd round starts to show up last week of July/1st week of August.

So I’m creating this now as a heads up, and before anyone starts to add onto the Q2 thread.

Any speculation as to what Walmart variants might be in this round?

Typically they are books that came out 2-3 months prior, many being 1st issues of new series or mini-series. But not always (Moon Knight 3, High Republic 3 and 6, etc.)

I can see Mandalorian being in the last quarter’s packs (Q4), But not this round.

What would you like to see of books that came out 2-4 months ago in a new Walmart variant?

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1st Chasm, Captain Carter

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BLACK PANTHER 3…:laughing::joy::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile::rofl:

Maybe Carnage 3

What If Miles #1 is a possibility.

Any of these Miles Morales and XYX (e.g., Moon Girl).

I can’t find any at Walmart around me. Theft probably too high in Vegas.

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Vegas, you say? Want to go there sometime with the wife, maybe do a vow renewal for fun with, “Elvis,” remarrying us.

I got a Walmart pack today with a cool variant for the new, “Ghost Rider,” series. I was shocked as my Walmart has the comic packs but they’re usually ripped open and a mess.

I live in Vegas!!! Only one official place to get married by Elvis now.

Grabbed a DC pack today because Batman Beyond the White Night 1 was the front-facing book. The Nightwing with Punchline is nothing special but the Joker YOTV Brian Bolland was a retailer thank you and the Harley Quinn 1 is a convention foil.


Man none of my Walmarts sell comics. It must be that theft is too high in Vegas or it is just the Walmarts that I visit. I would love to pick up a DC pack especially a Beyond the White Knight pack!

Out in the Saint Louis region, some of the Walmarts sell comic packs. It is hit or miss and even at the stores that get them they oftentimes are ripped open and otherwise wrecked. Maybe one store around here reliably has them and they are in decent shape.

Last year first sighting was on 8/4.

So be on the lookout in the next week.

Marvel needs to kick up their game. We all complained too loudly when they had fun stuff in them, and the last two have been boring city.

What did we complain about? The store exclusives sneaking in?

Maybe they’ll throw in Mando #1 store exclusives. Sure are a lot out there.

Yeah. A few store exclusives seemed to enrage everyone. A bunch of spidey 55 1:50s, too, if I remember correctly. People seemed super upset about it all, and the last two bunches since have had nothing. Maybe just coincidence.

I found one of those Spidey 55 1:50 2nd prints. I wasn’t upset about it at all. I have the full set now and paid only $10 for that variant! :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen in the Walmart’s by me yet but there is a listing for NEW FANTASTIC FOUR #1 Walmart variant and CAPTAIN AMERICA #0 Walmart Variant on ebay. So they should be out sometime the next week I would guess.

from facebook post


Thank You for posting the covers :slight_smile:

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That moon knight #1 facsimile appears to be an exclusive.
Any idea on what’s inside the packs?
Most of these aren’t worth getting if it’s just headshot variants and x-men reprints

Does it matter whats inside ? Buy them just for the Walmart covers