Walmart Packs - 4Q21

I see this posted on ebay. No Walmarts by me have any new packs yet but heads up. Moon


OH nice! Very enticing to tempt fate and go to a Wal-Mart.

However, every time I go, I get to the entrance and…

Nice. I dislike the Walmart experience but I may have to go look around.

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Where in Walmart do you find the comics? Maybe I am not looking in the correct places or maybe my local store does not get them. Or, maybe people buy them up as soon as they hit. I have no idea but I never find any at Walmart. Do they put them out a specific day of the week?

Up by the self checkout…usually the 1st lane. By the cards (Pokemon, Baseball, Football, WWE), card supplies etc.

They do have a few back in the book isle but the 3 packs etc. are by self checkout with all the cards

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I…must……have it….!

Moon have 2 copies of the 1st…I may like this variant better.

The best thing I’ve noticed about Walmart variants is that they move the UPC to the back. I wish marvel would just make that change wholisticly. Most of their variants do. It’s not like kids are buying them off racks anymore and need to see the price on the cover for mommy/daddy/cashier to know what it costs.

Evolve like Walmart, Marvel!!!

BTW, I’ve noticed they seem to appear on Saturday mornings around me. As a few times I’ve gone in Friday night and there’s nothing, and then again early Saturday they show up.

I’m actually glad they put them behind the counter because less people know about them and less likely to be damaged from people thumbing through them around or ripping them open.

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One thing, though: when you’re rooting through bagged/boarded back issues and aren’t sure what printing something is, if you don’t have means to check the internet on the spot, you can’t tell without unbagging the book. Sometimes there’s no way to do that without irritating the seller.

Thanks for letting me know where to look. Has anybody found Moon Knight 3 in store yet?

I found three at mine and also saw Walmart cover for death of dr strange 1 and dark ages 1 covers.

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My Walmart had nothing today.

I need that Moon Knight comic. It must be mine.

This was posted earlier on FB…

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doesnt appear to be big ratios in these packs

None yet, I did get the 1:25 X-men #1 in one of the 4 packs that I got. Maybe we’ll see something bigger with more being opened.

How rare will the moon knight 3 be is the question. Is it a 1st print?

I don’t recall seeing second printing on the back, only variant.


if 3 copies per case, than 12k-15k printed

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remember, stores get restocks…

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I need that eternals. Hoping my walmart gets these soon. They always get them so it’s just a waiting game