Walmart Packs - 4Q21

They are Walmart variants. They are not a “X”printing.

Nor does it really matter anymore in the age of 3rd printings being more valuable than 1sts…and store exclusives.

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I picked up 3 of the Moon Knight Yesterday and all 3 books were identical in packs. Was better off with the 7 for 10 packs. got Star Wars High Republic 1 and 3 and Spider verse 1.

What were the internal books you got?

Still notta here.

Found some today. So far, it looks like it doesn’t matter which other books are in the Moon Knight packs considering current ebay pricing. X-Factor 10 2nd print a couple times and Defenders #2 were the only real books of note that I couldn’t see.

Dark Ages is also in the $10-15 range right now. They will sell. I’ve sold 15 copies of Dark Ages #1 for $10+ so far, people are digging that series for some reason.

Here are my results. If you see a big thick book in a pack, it is almost certainly Incoming #1.


If anyone wants to sell me a, “Moon Knight,” 3 Walmart variant I’d buy one. Maybe I should put this in a Buy/Sell/Trade post tho, I’m being a bad mod.

Was Boushh the top book, or inside?

Edit, never mind. I see it’s a Walmart variant now as the upc Is on the back. Title is also has a yellowish tint. I’ll be grabbing one those.

savage sword of conan 3 2nd print and avengers no road home 2 2ndprint

If anybody stumbles across a Boushh I’d appreciate one!

I got you. Send me a message and I can work it out with you. The one I pulled looks pretty near mint.

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You guys are the best! Thanks to the help, I found these at one of the three Walmarts I hit today on the way home from work. I had no idea to look up by the Magic cards for comics!!! The Moon Knight packs were a little bent (no 9.8 contenders) but hey, I can’t complain. I got one for retail, not secondary market prices. I picked up a Dark Ages pack and a Boushh pack. I also saw some DC packs (4 books and a paper mask). I bought the one with Superman Son of Kal el #1 as the top book but it looks like the fourth book is a Batman Fortnite book still sealed in the poly bag.

I think the other two are Batman 108 and 109. Fortnight is issue 2 o 3

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My main Walmart still Doesn’t have them. Checked one a little further away and they had them. Moon knights were gone, but grabbed a Boushh.

Will open it later.

You’re suppose to act like all other Wal-Mart shoppers and open it while still at the store, pre-checkout… :wink:

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I’m guessing it is pretty hard to find 9.8 quality stuff with the top books since they take the brunt of the shrink wrapping process?

I’ve been surprised at how many are in really good condition. When you buy the 7 for $10 packs, those are unsold packs and have undoubtedly been handled far more. But, the 3 for $9 packs have been ok if you get them relatively quickly after being stocked.

At least at my store, every top book was basically near mint. I pulled packs from the last batch and every book at the very least needed a press, but this time they were in great shape. None of the main books even needed a quick press for anything, they were just good to go. All 3 Moon Knights I found were 9.8 candidates.

Will open it later.



What’s mostly bought at Wal-Mart :wink:

Moon Knights were cleared out in my neck of the woods.