Warlock lot

Complete run of marvel premiere warlock and power of warlock. All mid grade with some creases, color breaks, etc. No major rips and all covers in tact. Every issue is in a mylite bag with half back boards. Asking $300 shipped on the US or best offer.


It is listed higher on eBay FYI due to fees and their stupid new payment system

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Ya. Cant use to funds from the new system to pay for ebay purchases right?

I don’t know for sure. I believe it goes straight to your bank account now when you sell

I thought it goes to Payoneer.

You can still use PayPal, however you need to transfer your sales to a personal bank account then to PayPal in order to use what you earned. You have to tell it where to go, in other words.

Thanks. Unfortunately, that does not work for me as I am based outside of the States and I lose on the exchange rate both ways when I do that. I have been pestering Payoneer to permit me to pay for my ebay purchases out of my account. It is ridiculous that this option is not available really, when you think about it.

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Yea that’s ignorant lol.

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