We all hate store variants but

Also available at sadlemon and 7ate9.


$25 + shipping so not too heavy on the wallet might be the only cover with the new MJ Carnage on it for Gwenom vs Carnage #1. Advertised print run of 3000 trade dress 1000 virgin copies shared between the stores offering it. I have some other art that appears to be the design variant for Gwenom vs Carnage #2 showing off the new MJ carnage.

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I rarely buy a store variant anymore for spec or betting it will go up in value. I will buy a store exclusive if I like the cover for the pc though.

✓ASM 300 Homage
✓ Store exclusive
Gonna be a pass from me. The design ones look cool tho and I think a lot better looking


Is there a reason the axe is flat pink? Is it a spoiler that has been covered? It looks out of place. Otherwise very cool art and very tempting.

Pass on all. If I never see a Spider-Man 300 homage I’ll die happy.


It’s suppose to be her guitar I believe she is the guitarist in Gwens band on their earth.

Does she also ride a Vespa?

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Did somebody say Vespa?



I mean, that totally works too. I was thinking of FLCL with the weaponized guitar.

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I thought she was the drummer. Either way, I think that was a missed opportunity to make the strings all symbiotey and wiggly.

EDIT: Alana’s right. Gwen’s the drummer, MJ guitar.

Sweet cover for sure, def like Skan’s work.

Why the hate for store variants? I don’t mind them sometimes they are great covers, nothing wrong with buying a book purely for the cover art, that’s what most store variants are for.

I need those dew sign variants. The 300 homage I’m over. Just been like 4 covers past month.

They don’t usually hold value or have spec appeal, a lot of really good artists have some really good ones but I don’t wanna pay the prices or limited pre-order times. It also feels like they’re just constantly being pumped out. Venom constantly has like 8 or 9 store exclusives every issue and its just ridiculous


It seems like they are having to get more gimmicky to sell. Hopefully these will be fad and die off.

Yes store variants with symbiote girls first appearance and only cover to have them on the cover of their first appearance do so horrible…

But unlike this comic, there is NO WAY Mary Jane gets to stay Carnagized. FWIW, I’m still picking up a copy of #1 (1:25) cuz look at that InHyuk Lee goodness.

If Gwen is Venom, and Mary Jane is Carnage, and Black Cat is Anti Venom, I think there could be at least one more series in her future.


Oh please, please, please… I’d read that. And FWIW, I think it’d be the energizing boost that MJ has needed for a while. IMHO her last series (on hiatus? cancelled?) was a swing and a miss.

Also I think the KRS comics exclusive would pair nicely with InHyuk’s 1:25.

Well now with battling MJ carnage store variants they kinda lost all spec. Again why we all hate store variants they always find a way to make them less appealing.

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