We all hate store variants but

Will not let me add to cart. Says 296 left though.

What is big deal with 31?

288 now…going like hot cakes.

It’s idw it will be shipped between two sheets of toilet paper

No clue other than that it’s a Peach cover. One of her better ones in a long time, IMO. That said, I’m not ordering.

If you order a bunch they ship really well, I grabbed a bunch of Star Wars on sale a while back and was shipped in a box with bubble wrap.

Last IDW issue

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o yea, they lost so much ip i forgot they lost them too lol

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That’s more than Anthony gives me per month for use… I’m ordering now! :wink:

I posted this on my IG a while ago, but there is a store exclusive for Rogues Gallery 1 done by the artist Flops that is limited to 500 and still not sold out. Great buy for the art alone, much less the option news.

Still have a few available.

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I’d buy that if shipping wasn’t more than the book :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me drop this turd right here.

Mayhewd again.

Do not hate the playa, hate the game!

Except when the player explicitly states he doesn’t care about his customers. Then it’s okay to hate the player.


I don’t hate Mayhew. I don’t even know him. But I will say that by what he’s stated publicly, I won’t buy his products anymore.


What did he say?

When you’re stuck with unsold copies, call the local news station…

Just goes to show, the amount of people outside of comic book collecting that have no idea how it all works. Marketing at it’s finest… “one of a kind”… yet they failed to mention the amount of other stores who did the exact same thing with the book… :wink:


Or the fact there are at least 3,000 of the one of a kind books. Good for them though. The more exposure a shop gets maybe they will pick up more customers.


Must be a really slow news day in Savannah though… hehe!