We all hate store variants but

Let’s just say it ain’t NYC as far as pace goes…

Different way of life. In a good way though, my experience.

read #9 then look right


Did you see my comment on cbsi😂


Store exclusives on a hot list, is there anything more annoying , cant wait for next week when its all garbage nycc variants


Amazing Spider-man #14 store variants have begun…

616 Comics

Smh. Wait the alerts come for her reveal. Let me get my copies ready now to list.

way too orange, its hurting my eyes

If this new villain stays popular, Amazing Spider-Man #14 (Dark Web Variant) will be the copy to own I think, along with maybe a regular despite her not being on the cover.

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I really love this new villains look. Her first app will be in ASM #14 correct?

That’s the assumption from the solicits but who knows if there will be an appearance in #13. Which is probably a good pickup as well with the Gold Goblin stuff going on.

Halloween Goblin?

Maybe we can call her Candy Corn Goblin?? :slight_smile:

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I’d still wait for a 2nd print 1st cover.

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Won’t be first cover as ASM #14 Dark Web variant will be out before a second print of #13.

True. I meant first app with cover.


She’s got Earl Campbell thighs.

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Wait, who is this?

Upcoming Spider-man character.

The woman first appeared years ago in another spidey book. Like Tamara Blake, Ashley Kafka etc.