We all hate store variants but

Just purchased. Covers A, B, and C unsigned.

I love Campbell and these are great covers. Just gonna download an image and use as a wallpaper.

I liked cover A and got to the store when they had 25 left for sale. By the time I finished paying for mine there was one left. Now sold out. People sure do like their JSC covers.


Reminds me I gotta get my Ant #1 Retailer version out to the JSC signing and ditch that thing.

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I don’t care much for his covers, I started to buy a set to flip but decided not to. I’m sure I’ll probably regret it lol.


I totally forgot about this so I got nothing. It’s all good.

Its like anything else in this hobby - buy what you don’t like; but what everyone else likes, and make money.

Meh. Kudos to those who make money or are happy with to have it for the pc.


Damn, I knew I should have not slept in today…

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Same here…

I have the red foil one, that the one your talking about?

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Yeaaa… I think that’s the one.
Red “foily” Ant with an all Black exterior.
I was a bit taken a few months ago when I looked at the value

(and the somewhat low amount of signature series). I assume most are JSC, but a few might be Mario Gully. In any event, CGC has that signing with JSC which I will attempt to capitalize and finally ditch that thing.

If you dont want it ill take it. I’m headed to SDCC and he’s there every year. Ill probably get it signed then and pick up the inevitable SDCC exclusive cover he’ll be adding im sure.

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Alrighty… let me get on my horse, send off to CGC Signature with JSC and go from there.
I’ll contact ya

“Ant,” is a series with a complicated publishing history for sure.


I thought you all were talking about an Ant Man book, but we’re just too lazy to type it all out…or we’re talking in some sort of insider Ant Man fan club speak…


This is the book

Oh I meant before it gets signed