We only find them when they're dead

I try to avoid FOMO with this variant/exclusive cover madness, but I’m struggling with this upcoming Boom! series. Damn these covers are great.

This last is far from the best, but it has a print run of … 100. :eyes:

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There’s like 49 covers you might as well just go with the Peach one

Last 1 I beleive is a simplemancomics exsclusive I think they still have some available

most of those are store variants…and using the 1:50 artwork as a new cover…blah

I bought a couple of store variants that I liked the design of, but there’s just too many for this series for me. I did get all of the incentives preordered as well. Boom! has just been knocking it out of the park lately so I’m okay taking the chance on them.

I got an A, B, and the Sanctorum Frison cover. First one I listed above. I’m sure Peach will go nuts, but I just don’t love that style.

This book was at 75,000 at FOC. Boom! going after the big two!

Solid concept and character design. Hope the story matches.

Looking forward to the series. Went with a few As, the Bs, and the 1:10.

Recent announcement for a one-per-store Thank You variant as well … I agree there are MANY variants for this series. So far, it is the Jon Boy B&W Color Splash variant (shown above) that seems to have the lowest print run (100) so far… you can find these at 616 Comics (https://the616comics.com) and Simplemans Comics (https://simplemans-comics.myshopify.com) … also hearing that Sad Lemon Comics may be pushing a variant out as well?

TFAW had the Frison 1:50 available yesterday for $39.99 for a hot minute. Grabbed one, mostly because I really dig the cover. LCS had the 1:10 and the 1:25, but with that print run, it seems like there will be a lot of those available.

Good news was they were already sold out of the open order copies within the first hour. Yet the stack of Three Jokers was still pretty massive. :grimacing:

There’s 127 covers for the book I dumped my glow Peach covers last night as soon as I got a tracking update from Sanctum for $10 profit just to not get stuck with it.

Anytime a Boom #1 book has so many covers run for the hills. This is a good thing to learn.


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What about Image? I counted 18 covers so far for Department of Truth #1.

This is just where the industry is right now. Eternals with 40 covers? Third print 1:25 incentives? Yikes. And, who in the universe thought Big Trouble in Little China needed a half million copies?!

Side note, I’m a huge fan of the Big Trouble in Little China movie. LOVE IT.

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Skipping Department of Truth and the Eternals 40 cover monstrosity too. Most Image books you would want to own only have one cover without getting into reprints Spawn #1, The Walking Dead #1, Chew #1, Peter Panzerfaust #1, Invincible #1, Thief of Thieves #1, Saga #1 has two covers but really just one you will find

I just think the industry thinks collectors want more and more variants. All of the big event issues are going this way, unfortunately. Detective 1027. Spidey 50. Every single venom/thor issue.

And now retailers want to stop telling collectors what the print run is for their “we promise, it’s exclusive” books. This all feels like it’s going to come crashing down in the next year, and I think a bunch of these exclusive retailers are going to have thousands of copies of their “exclusives” in the storage closet for the next 10 years.

I like variants. I like lower-print, harder to find books. That hunt is part of the fun. But, when there are so many for every book, no one can afford to play that game. Or even want to play that game.

I have noticed some of the big exclusive variant retailers changing to a no print run announced policy which I find extremely odd as well.

Maybe it’s because people are holding them to such supposed “print runs” and if they’re just saying it with twisted words and descriptions to deceive, by not disclosing such things only protects them further.

I don’t chase store variants for that very purpose. It has to just be a really cool cover for me to buy or if I know I can buy a few for cheap to flip quickly, I’ll do it. But lately it seems like these store exclusives are getting pricier and pricier… so nope, not gonna do it. I liked the $10 and $15 store exclusives… now that they’re bumping them to $20, $25 and $30 to start off, that’s just greed right there.

Yes, I know they got to make money but if they were selling exclusives at $10 2 years ago… why not now? I know the costs didn’t jump that much since then…

Nope, these retailers pushing and pushing exclusives and variants are gonna doom themselves when it comes all crashing down. They never learn from their past mistakes… :wink:

Ughh… this is why I dubbed and created the Poyo catchphrase:


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Yeah, I don’t get too worked up about it, because I think it will correct itself in the near future. If there’s a title I like, with an exclusive cover I like, AND the print run is limited and disclosed, I’m in. But, if you take away any of those three, I’m far less inclined to spend 4-5X cover price plus shipping to get a book.