We sponsored a baseball team

So I have mention the ad revenue and stuff goes to pay for the upkeep of the site, hosting and stuff like that. But I have been putting away a few extra dollars a month and sponsored a local baseball team. Well not just any baseball team but the #1 ranked Tournament 12u team in the state (have to throw in my son was their newest prospect for their team and was picked up by them, so excited), Diamond Elite. So the CHU logo will be on their practice jerseys as well as their banner that travels with them to over 36 tournament games in five states over the fall and spring season. Anyway the sponsorship helps pay for the tournament fees. So, thanks everyone for just stopping by. It helps a lot more than just keeping the lights on at CHU, you guys helped a bunch of young talented ball players get to show off their stuff, just by stopping and reading as well as commenting.



Tell Big Papi I said congrats!!!

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You should sell shirts with all the logos!

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They are coming. I promise pictures of the logo and the shirts. If they sell shirts I will link them. So pumped about it.


This is so cool! And, this is the only site I visit that I’ve turned off my ad blocker for.


That’s great, Anthony! Some of my best memories of my kids were when they played baseball! It takes a lot of money to travel so I think that’s a fantastic thing you are doing for the kids!

I just realized the title of this post, “We sponsored a baseball team,” sounds similar to that movie, “We bought a zoo.” This is my roundabout way of saying I want the CHU forum to sponsor an animal at the zoo. Maybe a bear named CHUey.

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Bingo. That’s what I was going for. Lol

Thanks man. I appreciate that. I just wanted people to know that the ads and all aren’t about getting rich, trust me it’s not. We are doing good too. All without ripping covers off comics.


If you’re getting rich off ads… can you please at least upgrade my bucket for F’s sake! :wink:

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Oh, I get it @Anthony! I’ve turned it off here because I believe in the mission.

Nope. No bucket. Just baseball.



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This is bad ass!

Shout out to Diamond Elite, the baseball team we sponsored. They have gone two straight tournaments taking home the championship without a loss (8 straight games)

Waiting for practice jerseys with the Chu logos to come in. But here is a picture of my boy Joe getting his trophy for the tournament win.

And the team victory photo


I have to say the little team we sponsored just took out the #13 team in the nation in a perfect game tournament by Slaughter rule. This team has not lost this way in 5 years (which means since they were 7)

Thanks CHU for being here and making these kids baseball dreams possible.

Your boy (well ok my boy) Joe went 1 for 1 with a deep single and a walk scoring twice.


Slaughter you say? They really are expanding that SIKTC universe into everything!

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SIKTC Erica Slaughter logo going on the jerseys. Lol.

Is slaughter rule basically a mercy rule…?

Do people prefer slaughter over mercy?

Ha. Essentially the same thing. The tournament rules state that it’s 12 run differential after 3 innings. The game ended in three Innings. Second game on the day ended in four innings. But they were an unranked regional team. This was the team to beat in the tournament. Games start anew at 10 am but I am back on the road to coach my younger son’s team.

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