What is everyones Holy Grail Book

I am new to the Comics heating up forum. Long time comic reader who is getting back into comics 10 years later. I just picked up one of my Holy grail books and was wondering what others were looking for.

X-Men Giant Size # 1 - I bought it off ebay and got it pressed. Not a high grade but fits my budget and happy to add to my collection. Other Grails I am looking for: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 1st print, Copra #1, Hulk 181.

What are your Holy Grail books?


Giant Size X-Men #1 is definitely one of the grail books I want to buy, one day.

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I would love to have Marvel Spotlight #5, HOS #92 and WBN # 32

My ultimate grail is Amazing Fantasy 15. I have no idea how I’ll ever own it, though.


Save up… for very long time. Win lotto? Steal one… :wink:

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Fantastic Four #1. Still undervalued & misrepresented on the big screen, and the foundation of the Marvel age we live in


My grail for years and years and years was Hulk 181. Finally got one a couple years ago, which graded at 6.0. My runner up grail was GSX 1, which I lucked into a low grade copy last year. Haven’t had it graded yet but I think I’d be lucky to hit 3.0 after pressing. In time, I’d like to upgrade to higher grades of both books.

Despite my avatar, I don’t even try for Golden or Silver Age Batman keys. Just wrote those off as eternally out of my budget a loooong time ago.

My grail is likely the grailiest of grails: Detective Comics #27.

I can say with 99.9999% certainty that I’ll never own one… which I guess is the point of a grail. It will LIKELY be perpetually out of my budget unless I end up tripping over a solid gold boulder, reach out and pull a slot handle as I’m falling and hit a jackpot, then finally land on a winning lotto ticket. I would need to have that much FU money to purchase one.


Werewolf by Night #32, I was able to get a lower grade copy this year.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 and Fantastic Four #5

GSX #1 and AF #15. I am a man of simple pleasures.

Lucky enough to already have one of my coveted comics, Young Avengers #1. Good thing as it’s only going up!

AF15 and ASM1 are my grails. Doubt I’ll ever own either. I have attempted, once or twice, to just sit on my PayPal funds from flipping until I have enough for either of my grails, but alas, that hasn’t quite worked out yet.

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I have almost every pre-80 Moon Knight book except Werewolf By Night #32, which is on my list but I’m gonna go big on it, 8.0 or higher for the grade as most of my other early Moon Knights are 9.0 or better currently.

The others on my list are (I’m doing these in likely order after Moon Knight, focus on one character at a time and I’m likely going to hold out at higher grades, VF or better):

Ghost Rider’s first in Marvel Spotlight #5
Silver Surfer first in Fantastic Four #48
Black Panther first in Fantastic Four #52
Punisher first in ASM #129

I’ll probably pick some after those initial 5 but that’s it for my grail books…

And each of those I plan to do the same as I did with Moon Knight, find all their other early appearances along with it.

After that, I’m thinking about seeking out early EC and other pre-code books. Rest of collection will get dumped and sold off…

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Same here. I had to remove AF15 from my grail list because i knew i would never be able to buy it.

Thats a impressive list of grail books. Are you shooting for grades above 7.5.

The ASM #129 will always be in demand. No Xmen on the list?

Nope, don’t care for X-Men… and yes, most of those I’ll probably want in VF or higher.

9.0-9.4 Swamp Thing #1 1972. I’m not interested in buying one online. Hoping to find one in person one day.

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Incredible Hulk #1 and Journey Into Mystery #83. Both are high up on my grail list and are about as far away from my budget as possible haha

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I’ve settled on the Golden Record Reprint of ASM1. Much easier to pick up than the original and still feels very satisfying to get it.

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I second the Journey into Mystery #83 and also it being way out of my budget for the condition I would want it in :frowning:

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