What Movies are you watching?

Ok an off topic topic, what movies have you watched lately that you really enjoyed? (If they are streaming let us know where)

The other day was $3 movie day across the country. I took the opportunity to watch two movies. One with my family and one on my own.

Those two movies:

Jaws 3D - I have seen it a million times. But it still stands up. Saw it in IMAX real 3D and it was great. Some of the jump scares worked so well. It’s the first time it has been presented in 3D

Also saw
Fall (2022) - I am terribly afraid of heights and this is the story of two women who climb a 2,000 foot broadcast antenna and get trapped. Sure it was cheesy and unrealistic at times but damn it was scary. Not horror scary but the fear of being trapped on a 2k foot tower as the events unfolded had my heart racing and palms sweaty. Damn fun movie.


I have two kids under 1, the last movie I watched in its entirety was Uncharted. It was okay. My life loved it but has no familiarity with the game franchise besides knowing that they exist and I played them. I on the otherhand didn’t love it… Tom Holland =/= Nathan Drake. I did enjoy the Nolan North cameo and the Uncharted 3 C130 call back.

Streams on Netflix.


Dayshift is the resent movie I watched on Nerflix. Good movie

It’s a television show based on a movie, but I finally watched all of season 4 of, “Westworld.” I enjoyed it a lot.

I peripherally watched Fall (2022) since I was playing a game at the time my sibs were watching it. The part where the blonde girl carelessly standing at the top top made my hands and feet sweat profusely. Lol.

Not a movie, but watching Light and Magic on Disney+. Story of how ILM came to be. Basically a documentary with lots of old footage.

I watched Secret Life of Walter Mitty…the remake from about 10 years ago. Very different from the movie I grew up with which was the 60s version.

Didn’t know the movie existed, until it showed up on the online puzzle game “framed” which is similar to Wordle or Herdle, but movies.

Since summer is just about over, I decided to watch One Crazy Summer again.

Been watching the old Sean Connery Bond movies with friends. Never seen any bond movies till now but ive been enjoying them. So far we’ve seen Dr No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger and now Thunderball. I will say tho Thunderball was the weakest entry and so hard to finish because of how boring that movie is

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Yeah, Thunderball may be my least favorite Connery Bond, too. You Only Live Twice is a lot better IMO. And, I have a great deal of fondness for Diamonds Are Forever, partly because of how cheesy it is, which makes it divisive. Be prepared for the tonal change. If you continue on with the Roger Moore 007 movies, it will certainly serve as a stepping stone to that era.

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“Diamonds Are Forever,” is different for sure, but fun. I love Chaka Kahn’s cover of it more than the original song even!


Some old horror classics here…wife and I love them. A few we recently watched:

  1. THEM
  2. House of Wax
  3. The Blob
  4. The Fly

Also…Mildred Pierce (not horror but what an amazing film. Joan Crawford grabbed the Oscar for it)

We also enjoy musicals (shhhh, don’t tell my Marine buddies)…watched:

  1. Brigadoon
  2. Carousel (cry like a baby)

I highly recommend all these films. Should be able to find them all via different platforms.

@Anthony When you say Jaws 3D…was it the original Jaws movie in 3D or did you see Jaws #3 (which was released in 3D? I assumed the original as #3 was a turd (3d or not)

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Shows which I am streaming now:

House of dragons
better call saul.
harley quinn animated show
ricky and morty new season
young justice animated show

favorite horror movie - inside the french version.


Man, I just watched “Nope” Jordan Peele makes damn good movies.


That movie was a trip. Not at all what I was expecting, but in a good way…

Holy f*ck, do I ever love Inside!! What a great movie. If you’re alright with that level of gore, I cannot recommend Martyrs (French version, american remake was hot garbage) and Frontiere(s) (French film) enough. They were part of a horror revival in France called the New Wave of French Extremity. All excellent movies, but really pushed the bounds of practical gore effects. Haute Tension, Ils and Dans Ma Peau we’re all great as well


I have seen Haute Tension

My 4 year old granddaughter wanted to see a dragon, so I did what any good person would do to sculpt the mind of a child and threw in Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.

Yeah, she wants to see hairy people (hobbits), so have scheduled LOTR on Friday. :slight_smile:


Agree Martyrs and Frontiere are also highly recommended. Some other great horror flicks are Takashi Miikes - Audition, Kill List, Descent, Saint maud, Macabre from the mo brothers.

I love this! I could trade Horror movies all day haha.

Audition is a Top 10 movie for me!

The Loved Ones, if you have the Shudder streaming service, The Sadness is a great one (it’s a rip off of Crossed, so it’s comic related), Devil’s Rejects (had a comic book adaptation, still comics related), Terrifier (excited for the sequel)