What Series did you Love that is total Junk?

I came across some old books today that made me smile. A series that I loved, that by today’s standards is totally worthless junk.

Please tell me what series that you loved and collected, that is absolutely worthless today?

The one that made me think of this topic is Chromium Man from Triumphant Comics (spoiler alert, they went out of business and were not Triumphant.) Anyway, the artist on the book was Adam Polina, who I am still a fan of to this day, and this was his first work. He did a ton of X-Force comics and the Apocalypse series that was hot for a while.

While the story and art was decent, what originally attracted me to the series was the books were each stamped with a serial number the cover, which was a cool concept at the time.

So let’s hear yours!


I use to have a subscription to Marvel Comics Presents best Wolverine book in my opinion. Still for the most part worthless outside of Weapon X and Clandestine first appearances.


I like old Avatar Press comics that almost nobody seems to care about nowadays. I’m talking the days of the, “Threshold,” anthology which was basically lot of violence and borderline pornographic comics. They are just so extreme and over the top, they have a wreckless charm. Then Avatar moved their more raunchy titles to the, “Boundless,” sub-imprint and some of those are good fun too and have some insanely raunchy variant covers. Almost nobody seems to really care about old Avatar Press stuff (some of the newer books like, “Crossed,” or, “Uber,” got a lot more press) and their Boundless books though. Avatar seems to not even really be putting out anything new for months, and the Boundless imprint put out maybe two Jungle Fantasy comics all of last year.

I also like the Marvel anthology series of, “Marvel Comics Presents,” as @Alana remarked, although I really like the 2nd volume that went all of 12 issues but had some good stories. I think only issue 3 is worth anything as it has the first comic-book cameo of Spongebob.

Rising Stars by J. Michael Straczynski!
Just an incredible series of books/story/art/characters.

It was actually pretty popular when it first started hitting but now it’s worthless.

Amazing story and I was always surprised that it didn’t get more credit as to me, it is really the basis of the story upon which things like Heroes (tv show) and The Boys were born.

I’m also pretty big on “The Nam”. Not just because of my Marine background, but there are some very well done, and tragic stories within it as well.

On that note, Punisher BORN is also another of my all time favorites that doesn’t get any credit. Perhaps because it is about as gory and violent as a comic book can get.


The Dark Horse Conan series.
There’s not a single book in that run worth over a couple bucks.
But I have them all and loved every single issue.

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The Adventurers from Aircel in 1986. They had awesome painted covers by Peter Hsu, but the stories were like your weirdest homebrew D&D adventure. They read like they were just made up on the fly by a bunch of nerdy teens hopped up on pizza and pepsi. Total trash, but somehow I can’t get rid of the set.

@Bill there is a nude variant for one issue that is worth a bunch.

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Marshal Law I used to love. Old Epic Comics series. That and Judge Dredd were my favorites. There’s thousands of Dredd books out there but only a couple are worth anything.


ahh yes. I had forgotten about that one

Savage Dragon and Cyber Force


“Savage Dragon,” is a comic I’ve occasionally read some issues of and marvel at how strange it is. God bless Erik Larsen for keeping at it and putting out an issue every few months or so where he basically just riffs on whatever he feels like.

Tomb Raider, I have the whole run of the first series from top cow and theres some valuable issues like the Adam Hughes covers but for the most part they aren’t worth anything

I collected Tomb Raider. Pretty much everything that came out from Top Cow was good reads but valueless unless you had the variant covers

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I’ve never read it, but I hear the characters have aged in real time? That’s a pretty amazing element in itself.

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Up until a couple years ago, I would’ve said my Star Wars comics


While I read a ton of comics, art is my drug of choice with comics. And while these are very common dollar bin books due to the 90s boom, some of the early Image books were gorgeous, and I still love them. I’ve purged a lot of that stuff, but some will never leave the PC. A few examples:


When Pitt came out way back when I enjoyed it for a year or so. I don’t recall anyone loading up on those back issues for future spec.

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I clicked on this thread to mention the Pitt series. Glad to see I’m not alone in my appreciation!

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I loved early Image stuff and still have them all too

1995-2014 this was true for me. I’ll always remember my $0.50-$2.00 collecting days fondly.

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