What shows are you watching?

Thought it would be interesting to discuss what shows members are watching.

Currently my favorite show is Picard season 3.

(season 1 & 2 sucked. they are ignored)

If you love Star Trek, this show is for you. It is fantastic !


I have been holding off on Picard because of season one and two. Might be time to take another chance on it.

Trust me, you wont regret it.


Only watching Ted Lasso at the moment…


Me too. Been a good season so far…

“Not Dead Yet,” is a newer show on ABC. It’s decently funny.

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Picard season 3 is great for long time fans of next generation.

I started watching poker face and yellowjacket both entertaining shows in their own unique ways.

also watching slow horses and beef.


BEEF on Netflix

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Yellowjackets is damn good.


Honestly only thing I watch on tv is Curse of Oak Island but I want them to find the damn treasure already. I am like 5 years into this show.

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I just finished Stranger Things season 4. I know. Super late to the party on that, but episodes that are 1.5 to 2.5 hours long is just too damn long.

Having said that, season 4 was fantastic and FAR better than 2 and 3. Season 5 is set up to be quite the final showdown. Then we’ll have the inevitable spin-off featuring Dustin in college. He’ll start up the new Hellfire Club.

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I waited for all shows to be available last July and then binged watched on a Saturday from like 1pm to 3am. It was fun…

The Old Man and Spies Among Friends

I still never have watched the Stranger Things.

You are relieved of CHU duties until you go watch it…

No Kidding!!!

Lately I have been going back and watching the episodes from the first ten/eleven seasons of the Simpsons. Man, that show was great at one time!

I was a die hard Simpsons fan forever. They lost their touch at some point.


Started watching trollhunters on netflix, animated series by Guillermo Del Torro


I’m actually watching She-Hulk for the first time. Not so bad once the burden of it being the latest and greatest Marvel show is off of it.

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