What The Flip?!

Thought I’d rival Bitter Bombs thread with my own “What I’m Flipping This Week” thread.

Mostly what I’m pulling out of bins, maybe the occasional new release. But this is where I’m making money this week…

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Star Wars Tales #23.

I keep forgetting to look for this book in back issue bins. Cover is not forgiving and it’s tough to find in NM, but appears to be in high demand so grade matters little. First Darth Revan, or something. Star Wars firsts seem to be on the rise. Grab it if you see it.

Sold both my copies today for $35 (VF+) and $45 (NM-). Paid cover ($5.99).

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Picked up two copies of Amazing Fantasy #7 (first Carmilla Black as Scorpion. First appearance of Monica Rappaccini). This showed up on a few top 10 top lists this week. Found one in a dollar bin and flipped it for $13. The other I’m hoping will sell shortly.

Update: copy #2 sold for $20 (paid cover)!


I’m looking for newsstands of that amazing fantasy series if you ever run across any in VF or better.

Shouldnt this thread be called " What Im flipping from the CBSI Top 10"

Ironically I had most of these sold before CBSI released its list today. I had purchased some yesterday and listed all last night.

So, no.

What the Flip (WTF)?! is much more cheesy a title too…


Well, thats perfect timing

I may have other sources besides CBSI…they’re just slower to the punch…

In fact I wish they would put their list out an hour sooner So I have their list prior to leaving work so I could check the lcs on the way home. They had a couple books I did not expect…

I’ve just discovered the ‘send an offer’ option for eBay sellers. I had a few books that had been sitting online for awhile for which I sent offers out to potential buyers, and some of the buyers obliged. Nothing to interesting. Some store variants that I bought a few years ago, that I had purged from my PC, and some sets of some semi failed spec. I think I had 4-5 sales over the last 48 hrs due to the send an offer option.


I’ve taken advantage of those myself. On the buying end more than selling. I only wish I could watch more items to get more offers. I really should get back into flipping more.

@D-Rog, I read, “Bitter Bombs,” like five times before I got the joke was a play on my name. I’m afraid you don’t win most clever use of it, however. A friend in high-school would call me, “Sour Grenade,” as a synonyms joke. We were nerds.

This all putting aside it actually is German and means Bitter Tree, like the song, “Oh Tannenbaum,” except I’m Bitterbaum.

Also, @jcLu, sending offers to buyers works well sometimes, it is annoying when nobody bites, you get a bunch of new watchers, and you have to wait to send the offer out again or simply lower the price for new watchers to consider as its is locked that 48 hours. That’s my pet peeve about sending offers. When it works though, I’m happy.

Got these for cover today. The Fear Agent has a couple dings but I’ll take it. Funny thing is the book was mentioned elsewhere so I had it on my list to look for before any “top 10” lists even hit.

Also scored two copies of Vengeance #1 nm, but I paid $25 apiece (which was still a good deal imo.

@D-Rog I’m jealous on both these and the AM #7. I’ve been searching for both for sometime & never seen them (not even on walls/higher priced). Great stuff!. I personally love the Revan character!

A lot of people are advertising Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #9 as Darth Ravens first because CBSI listed it as such…even though in previous articles they listed it as Tales 23. So a bunch of confused buyers and sellers out there…

I actually picked up on Tales 23 about a year ago and it wasn’t selling for much more than $15…so for $5.99 it wasn’t with looking for…then a few weeks ago I peaked at it and saw sales up to $90 raw…and knew where I had seen another copy…then Forgot about it again…then remembered Wednesday…fortunately it was still there buried away.

There are actually a few Star Wars Dark Horse books worth grabbing for flips or spec. I’ll give a run down after I look for some more today.

Hit my honey hole today…was hoping to find more Star Wars dark horse flips. Did come across a Knights is the Old Republic 42…not sure why I had this on my list, but I did already flip it for $30.

Got all these for cover, including the Cap 333.

Others shown are Amazing Fantasy 7 (x2), Tales of the Jedi #1 and Moon Knight #20 which reprints WBT #32 and #33.

Awesome finds! It’s always interesting to see what others can dig up in the wild. Also, interesting how books that have been very hard for me to locate personally can show up easily for others (I haven’t seen a trace of that Amazing Fantasy #7 in my area despite finding the others that are hot from that run).

I don’t see many Star Wars books either (whether they are the keys or not). Just not much of the older Dark Horse stuff whatesoever.

Great find!!

The skywalker saga is over, but everyone knows Disney is going to expand upon it and promote other characters, albeit not necessarily consistent with the Dark Horse comics…I’m not even sure if they own the rights to any characters created in those runs.

But if they do, there’s a wealth of ideas in these DH books…so I’m starting to keep my eye out for potential keys. Best to start with Marvel books (picked up a Darth Vader 3 on eBay the other day) as Disney owns then…buy I’m keeping much closer watchful eye on DH books these days…Star Wars is the next MCU type spec, IMO.

I think they do own the rights. To my understanding, they sold the rights to Dark Horse, giving them the rights to publish stories and comics, those rights never gave Dark Horse full copyright of the characters within it, only the rights to produce stories and make money from publishing.

I’m pretty sure everything is transferred back to Disney/Marvel since they kept the original rights to characters within, etc. I’m sure it’s a complicated mess but I don’t think they’d allow Dark Horse to retain new characters they created or wrote, since they likely never owned the actual rights to Star Wars itself. Kind of like, here you, borrow this book to read, do what you want with it until I ask for it back cause it’s mine and I still own it.

While visiting the LCS, Found a few Star Wars Dark Horse comics. It was also Buy 2 Get 1 free! In need to go back tomorrow and grab some marvel issues for cheap!

I had forgotten about this thread…need to revive it.

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