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Anyone using the Whatnot app to buy comics? I signed up a while ago and have made a couple of purchases and won a Champions #1 CBCS slab in a giveaway. (It’s basically live auction shows that run for 1 minute or less)

I will be running a couple of shows in the near future as I have 40,000 plus comics and want to start selling duplicates. If anyone is interested let me know and I can post the show date and time here.


I log into the app from time to time because I know people who sell on Whatnot. So if you put your show info I would definitely check it out.

I think I’ve only bought a couple books from there. In my opinion, most of the buyers on there pay way too much for what the books are going for. For example, a book you can find at a store/online might have it listed for $50 but the Whatnot app auction will go for over $100. The quick (~1min) timer might play into that. As a seller it seems like the way to go.

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If you can get access to selling, there’s definitely money to be made here. Agreed with @black_science101. Deals can be had, but most of the time things sell for far above FMV. Great for a seller.

I popped in the other night, and the two ends of the live selling spectrum were going on. One seller was so boring. I wasn’t even sure if anyone was there. The other seller was essentially a used car salesman, hyping the hell out of every single book. Don’t be those, Anthony, and you’ll do really well.

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There is also another post somewhere on here that I’ve added quite a few posts to.
It’s good that you have been approved for selling on there. One of the main complaints I’ve seen is that many have not been approved and that it has been a bit of a “cool crowd” acceptance pattern.

I’ve bought an absolute ton of books off of there, from a varied amount of sellers. I absolutely love it and have yet to encounter an issue. I see some foks complaining about shipping cost, but I don’t think they realize that Whatnot auto combines shipping. After your first purchase, all subsequent books from that sale are combined.

I don’t like that every book I buy during a sale is a separate transaction however. I wish it could somehow combine the actual sales from a sellers sale into one charge. I just don’t like that my funding method is literally showing a transaction for every single book…I buy 10 1$ books…just makes for a long statement and can get your funding source wondering what the heck is going on.

The sales can be very addicting. I’ve gotten some amazing deals but also know when the book or the other bidders are prone to hype, “I refuse to lose”, etc, etc. For the most part, buyers have been courteous and if I mention I really want a book, they may bid…but they aren’t shilling it up or being clowns.

I absolutely hate sellers doing the blind bags bit or mystery boxes on there…that should be banned imo…then again, I immediately tune out. That’s the thing…if you dont built a following or watchers…you will do poorly. Pick books folks want, that are in nice shape, popular, etc. List a bunch of junk and folks tune our or you’ll get a single 1$ bid.

As a seller, just be organized and timely, be prepared. Take forever to put up a book…don’t explain condition quickly, have a crappy set up, poor positioning—I’m logging out.

if you are going to hype a very hot book or show it in your preview…then you had best sell it. I’m tired of sellers just bragging and showing off books as part of their sale, but then don’t put them up because not enough watcher, they don’t like the spenders that are watching, etc, etc. It’s the risk you take as a seller. Put up or shut up.

If you decide to do a give away or raffle, incentive or whatever, be transparent with it. I’ve seen a couple sellers try to advertise and say they are going to do that…but when it comes to a winner…or actually giving it away??? Unlikely they ever actually gave it away…who knows.

Best book was prolly at 9.8 Walking Dead #6 signed by Kirkman and Moore that I paid $200 for. I love that darn book

Most hated, constant talk on Whatnot-“YOU STOLE THAT”…gets tiring. No, I paid fair market value as obviously folks don’t want it that badly. I also don’t like sellers cry baby whining if the book didn’t sell for what they though it should.

Don’t run sales 5x a week and then complain cause folks aren’t buying all of your $500 plus books. Nobody is out there just randomly spending thousands per week on Whatnot…doesn’t make sense imo to expect your limited watchers to ante up constantly. Run one or two shows a week tops imo.

There are some comic shops and stores that are awesome and offer up their exclusives for crazy dirt cheap…that is one of the best things I’ve found. Keep an eye out for those sellers.

Most run background music…that’s fine. I actually like it, but keep the volume down and be mindful of your listeners (not that you wouldn’t). I love me some Notorious B.I.G…but some of the lyrics aren’t really appropriate running in the background. Not picking on that genre either. Had a show with metal music so loud and inappropriate I couldn’t hear, logged out.

Stabilize your camera! Seller the other night was holding his damned phone. Made me seasick…wanted many of his books but logged out.

I don’t know how times and slots for sales are picked. Build your following, but at the start, be careful about running the same time as a few of the bigger dogs out there. Not saying you won’t take over the mantle, but when there are multiple shows all at once…not a good thing for sellers and that happens frequently.

You are obviously in tune with trends, spec, and the hobby…use that to your advantage. A few sellers that are putting up boring ole books or stuff nobody currently cares about all the time. I don’t care how cheap they are=log out! :slight_smile:


Tony totally copied my thread! How dare you!

Lol, it’s all good.

@davidbitterbaum send me a link and I will merge them

Have a bunch of :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:emoji flash every time you show a book you will make :bank:


Behold, the power of the Search Function on CHU forums!


I. Don’t. Search. Ever.

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Obviously. If you did, you’d find the easter egg I setup a long time ago that guarantees you millions of dollars… muhahahahahahaha!!!

Wait, so do I need to send a link or not?

I have not checked this out yet, but feels like a bunch of info-mercials…selling comics.

Does anyone sell coins or beanie babies on this app? :grin:

I guess in this tiktok age and how eBay has turns off sellers, I can see how this concept appeals to people.

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I’m going to put this on the app and see how many idiots think it’s live…


No, @anthony needs to stop being lazy and use the search function on his own site! :wink:

Back in the day, my ex-girlfriend and i used to have booths set up in antique stores. I sold comics and action figures. But you know what made us the most money? You got it, Beanie Babies. I am not afraid to flip things outside my comfort zone.


I don’t mind flipping outside my comfort zone, but my lack of knowledge about some subjects makes me more likely to overpay or undersell I have to be careful in fields I’m less of an expert in!

I Google things as well as look at eBay sold prices for a lot of stuff. You’d be surprised what you can flip.

I used to flip Thomas the Train Minis. Cost 99 cents to $1.50. Easy $10 shipped, more for scarcer ones.

But my daughter loved Thomas so I kinda new these were a hit early.

I flipped 45s for a while early in my eBay days.

And I bought a stack of cds once from Europe (exclusive)…paid a bulk price…and sold them at a crazy mark up price in the us.

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Ok everyone. I am going live at 11:30 Eastern. If you have whatnot please join me so I am not the only one in the room. Lol. Probably get a ton of variants for cheap. Have some Newsstand variant Dept of Truth SIKTC Stray Dogs, Frison, Momoko, McFarlane

If you don’t have whatnot and want to join follow this link: Whatnot App

How did you get cleared to sell? I applied forever ago. I’ll tune in at 10:30 my time! I just went in the app and set a reminder.

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