What's The Furthest Place From Here

It’s a great read. I’m just hoping I actually get one of my pre-orders for the 7" vinyl to put in my vinyl collection.

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you probably wont, they had to order them 4 months in advance. allocations will be deep.

Well, I’m hoping my pre-order around the time Previews went live on TFAW gets me 1 of the 2 I pre-ordered. :wink:

And they wanted this. Publishers love saying “allocation”, always seems to work in their favor…

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on this case i dont blame them so much, with needing 4 months to get records made they could not know that people would slam orders so high at last minute. so they had to estimate.

Dont care about “allocations” for the 1st print. It’s still available on TFAW to order.
The 2nd print comes out next year. It also has FOC before the 1st print comes out…before any hype. My $$$ is on the 2nd print, with a new cover (color variation).

Very true. But it still works in their favor. :wink:

for sure will drive up orders of 2nd print, that has 4 month foc, so those orders should all get filled

FOC is Monday…

yea but it doesnt release till i think February, gives them 4 months to fill all the 2nd print orders

Im pretty sure after FOC, the print run is set. Also, I dont see many stores ordering this.

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My record was cancelled due to allocation where I ordered it, it seems. Damn.

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And so it begins… let the feeding frenzy begin… more stories of people getting their’s canceled will cause more to want it even more…


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store variant, comes with the record, but its a different color than the open order one

I bet there will be a secret or thank you 1-per-store variant…

To be clear, the vinyl and the store exclusive cover are separate releases. The colored vinyls are exclusive versions of the deluxe edition and all have the same deluxe edition cover. The issues with different art are technically standalone issue 1 exclusives. The deluxe/vinyl exclusives couldn’t have different cover art (beyond store logos on the back) because of the lead time to press the vinyl. It was a smart move doing both and just making it a bundle, though.


do you know how many stores did a vinyl exclusive, tfaw and cyn are only two ive seen so far

Allocations don’t work to the shops favour. Less inventory means less sales for the shop.

Allocations work in favor of the secondary market, us, not your LCS who will have less sales due an allocated inventory.

I was referring to publishers. They favor the publishers because it allows them to print additional printings.

If you scroll up, you’ll see my previous comment:


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