When did PREVIEW became 1st Appearance

As the tittle suggested, if possible, please explain to me the logic behind considering PREVIEW as 1st Appearance VS ACTUAL 1st Appearance (CAMEO or FULL).

Case in point:

  1. Amazing Spiderman 375 (HOLO) 1st PREVIEW of 2099 Amazing Spider-man
  2. Thor 2 (ATTEMPTED to overtake Strange Academy 1)
  3. Marvel Preview (ATTEMPTED to overtake UF4…good lord…)

When did PREVIEW became something of worthy??? Imagine you pickup up Preview and every time its consider a 1st Appearances. Yet, people are willing to pay hundred of dollar for a slab (ASM 375 CGC 9.8 for) that says 1st Appearance in PREVIEW. Should DIAMOND PREVIEW to be consider SLABBING? (Maybe if you look hard enough, maybe you can find some 1st Appearances)

I became very annoyed at the ridiculous price of how a preview (ASM 375 can be consider as 1st Appearance of 2099 Spiderman). Im sure there is probably more of this going on than I mentioned.

Simply obscene

Previews 95 is scarcer and has gone for more than UF4. It’s a first cover appearance of Miles, so unlike the other examples you cited which to me, makes a big difference.

I do agree though with regard to most cases where a preview or ad is inside the guts of another book.

I think you meant ASM 365 btw with regard to Spider-Man 2099.

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when cry babies who cant afford the real 1st app try to pump another cheap book they could find.

the thor 2 was the funniest example, since multiple books that week had the preview.


You are right with ASM 365 being consider as Spider-Man 2099 even though it was in a preview panel. However even with Preview 95 being scarcer, it is still a PREVIEW. If we are to consider preview as “1st Appearance”, Should all old Diamond Preview possibly be consider as a possible 1st appearance.

Yeah, that’s not why. When the grading companies that put the remarks on the slabs consider one preview the first appearance of a character, but don’t acknowledge previews in the same way for other characters, it’s going to create controversy. They are not consistent, which is extremely frustrating as a consumer and collector.


Well said chap. Imagine if you can found a Batman 490 that had a preview of Harley Quinn. Would that be consider the 1st appearance of Harley Quinn or even better yet. If you found an issue of Wizard #50 with an article discussing or showing the design of Harley Quinn, would that be the 1st appearance of Harley Quinn? Wizard #50 has a lower print run VS Batman 490, therefore it should be consider her 1st appearance. (This is the same argument here.)

I hope these example would illustrate the point on what is bothering me (I was hoping common sense would prevail), but these days, it seems otherwise…

If there was a diamond preview that had a cover appearance of Spider-Gwen, but noone knew it was her because she didn’t exist yet, and so it was trashed and became scarce, that’d be a valuable book today, preview or not.

Like I said, in most cases I agree that previews are not going to be more important than the
official 1st appearance but there will be exceptions.

The only way I would consider a previews valuable is IF its on a comic and not the actual PREVIEWS book.

Does comic scene 31 pre date the wizard for harley quinn?

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I believe her actual 1st appearance is Batman Animated Series: The Laughing Fish episode.


Better question, do an ASHScan supercede a preview or the actual book because it is RARE and its not a PREVIEW. Imagine if BA12 is not a 1st app but rather if it was an ASHScan. Imagine the price.

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Batman Almost Got’Im children’s book is first Harley Quinn followed by the Batman animated series coloring comic has a 1 page coloring page of her.


ASM #365 was a much harder find than Spider-Man 2099 #1 when they were released. As to why it’s labeled on slabs as 1st Spidey 2099 is because when it came out previews didn’t exist in comic book releases. While it’s common now to have a preview for an upcoming book in another title this didn’t really start happening until the early 2000s


ALL my copies previews over the years would be flagged like a episode of sienfeld

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Whoever owns those cells is in for a big payday…Unless WB kept them all.

My thoughts are that there will always be a niche market for preview appearances as evidenced by sales of said books. Some people will want them to complete character collections.

I disagree about a preview from an upcoming comic in another title not being considered a true first. I mean it’s an excerpt from the book that predates said book. Of course if it’s an original story most will consider it a first. There’s always going to be a market for those as well.

It depends on what you want to collect. I collect comic books, so, previews catalogs are worthless to me. I want the first appearance in a comic book. Not a catalog. Not a children’s book. Not a magazine. Not the phone book. Just comic books. :man_shrugging:

Also on top of that, an appearance is just that, an appearance. A preview might be the first time everyone in the world is introduced and while demand drives the value, but just because everyone else might pay top dollars for something doesn’t mean you have to.

Do you when it comes to collecting anything and don’t worry what everyone else is doing! And if you’re in it just to flip or invest, throw everything I said out the window and always buy low, sell high. If you missed the window on buying low, just wait for the next hot thing to come along… You’ll never lose when applying the basics.


The marvel previews are comic sized does that count?

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Isiah Bradly appeared on the cover (and in) Wizard as well as on a Marvel Promo poster long before Truth #1 came out also.
Just another example of the rabbit hole when it comes to this stuff.

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