When Spec Is Fun/Rewarding

There are times that the whole “comic spec scene” gets a bad rap, but it really is a ton of fun/pretty rewarding when things pan out or something you read/remember/etc pans out.

For me particularly, all of this recent hype about Hulk #258 is great. I’ve honestly been buying up that book for as long as I can remember. It is just an amazing book and imo has been undervalued all along. It has never had any hype but is full of firsts. White cover, great read, Ursa Major fighting the Hulk! (and the interactions between them is really funny “Hulk smash funny talking Bear Man”, etc.

There are so many books out there like this…just waiting for “something” to make them hot. I frankly don’t really ever sell my comics. I tend to trade here and there…but there is just something satisfying in “knowing” you had the foresight to grab a book on the cheap when all the sudden it absolutely explodes.

Happy hunting all!!!


Yes, it can be fun and very rewarding! Not every spec is a win but I think I have come ahead far more often than not. A few losses, sure but more positive specs than negative.

So far my better early choices for spec’n are Shazam #28, Various Eternals books/keys, Avengers #47, 48 and Marvel Special Edition #15. I still have 12 Shazam’s where I didn’t pay more than $27 (it graded a 9.6) and as low as $2 for a really beat up copy. The Eternals were dirt cheap when I started picking them up. Got some nice ones, still have eleven copies of #1 and a bunch of #2, #3 #5 but the best was getting multiple copies of #1-5 at a local shop for roughly $2 to $3 each. Some in nice grades too! Picked up a nice higher grade set of the 30 cent price variants , issue 1 & 2 for a total of $40.

Also got in on the Avengers #47 & 48 before they exploded. I did get a few copies of Marvel Special edition #15 just as rumors started circulating, had a gut feeling about that one even though the prices were never all that cheap.

Shazam #28 has picked up the past month or so but Eternals have slowed a bit. Avengers and Marvel Special Edition have also stabilized. That wont last once the tailors start to hit but right now there might be a deal or two to be made for those who don’t have those keys yet.

I should have a decent spec payday relatively soon with all the books I picked up especially since I got in on those so early. It will be fun to see where the next Marvel Phases take speculating and which dollar bin books will become the next super sought after key issues! Personally, I’m thinking Werewolf By Night #32 still has plenty of room to grow even at the high prices being realized today.

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I’ve been picking up the Invaders v1 stuff whenever I see it at a reasonable price. Some great stories in those bronze aged books.

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Anyone remember or visit this site in the past ? It’s be awhile since it’s be updated with new info. Dont know what happened.

I still have fun. Sometimes I get bogged down in the day to day but still love that I am selling a ton of books each week. Bringing in a ton of books to sell each week to.

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The last few weeks have been pretty slow for me. Not fun!


Yeah my sales have been pretty good. About $13,000 so far this year.

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Oh - we are supposed to SELL these things? That explains why I have 150 short boxes and nowhere to put them… :scream:



I showed this to my wife and she just said, “yeah, totally”


That is one of the reasons we bought a bigger house. I have over 250 short boxes and counting.

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hi , I’m new to comic book speculating but I’m looking to start small & just enjoy it . so much to learn yet but I’m looking forward to the challenge . I’m also hoping to become a respected & honorable member of the CHU forum .


@qc_speculator Welcome! This is a great forum with some ever greater people! Enjoy!

Welcome! Look forward to discussing comics with you.

Thanks guys @Devildog & @davidbitterbaum

Yes. The welcoming crew already got to you but glad you found us and welcome.

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Thanks @Anthony , I’m glad to be here & just wished I’d gotten into this hobby before now

That’s the wonderful thing about comics. There are always new ones the next week you can get into and enjoy reading and speccing on! I mean, there were not comics weekly during the pandemic’s early days, but that was brief and awful.