Where can I buy this comic? (Batman 108 variant)

So I’m really confused… saw this on eBay, says it’s by Jeehyung Lee… Google searched - Nothing.
Asked here and was told it’s from Frankie’s/Golden Apple Comics - Checked their sites/social media - Nothing.
Now a few days later… Google still knows nothing.
Meanwhile eBay only has 1 listed at the moment, all the others sold for good $ but I can’t figure out where they came from
Any clues? Is it legit? Anybody?

Here’s a post from Golden Apple’s instagram. Apparently details are coming soon so I would just keep an eye on their IG or their site. IG will likely give you some advance warning when it’s going to drop.


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Golden and Frankie’s. Not available yet possibly next Tues seeing how this weekend has releases lined up already.

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Thank you!
Is there like an IG/Twitter/FB/Website that specializes in sorting, organizing, listing and linking all of these retailer exclusives?
It’s like a wild, wild west of emails and social media accounts out there, almost impossible keeping track of all this stuff!

U gotta follow all the stores there was once and IG that posted variants but they stopped.

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Great cover. This one and the Carla Cohen one are the best I’ve seen so far.


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Yep, that’s pretty cool too. Hadn’t seen that one before and don’t know much about Rachta Lin. Has she been around for a while?


This is a new website that sells comics. However, the YouTube channel is well known. I am not buying any of these. I figure others might be interested.

Contact page has no email, phone or mailing address, just a form field to submit. Nope, nope, nope… When you run a business and provide zero information about yourself, nope, nope nope… Steer clear of these types…


That is a major oversight. I know this person that created the website from social media. You are right he needs a post office box and an email at least.

I wouldn’t buy raw books from a store that also sells slabbed new books. It’s just a big conflict for me. I do enjoy his channel.


I sent an email to the creator of the website that I posted asking him to add an address, email, and a return policy. A good business person would see the value in adding that. I hope he listens.


Website that sells only store variants…no need for any other info…lmao

Definitely wouldnt buy from them.


Dudes selling the 1:25 at double ratio while he has 4 different store exclusives also for sale on his page? Come on lol


Just spotted this one on eBay… quite a few copies… None of them mention the artist but looks like Derrick Chew to me. Anyone knows who’s selling this one?

yeah its chew

Skip buying from Econ and use a real store. If u wanna support him send a super chat$$ or donate. Your just asking for a headache.

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got to love store that when you google their address a picture of a ups store pops up

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Alert, alert!

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