Which son would you invest in from Bruce Wayne?

It the holiday season, which son from Bruce would you pick (for future spec potential and growth).
Currently I am debating between the following.

  1. Batman #655 CGC 9.8 (CAMEO - Damian Wayne)
  2. Batman #655 Variant CGC 9.8 (CAMEO - Damian Wayne)
  3. Batman Beyond #1 CGC 9.6 (Terry McGinis)
  4. Batman #436 CGC 9.8 (Tim Drake)
  5. Batman #656 CGC 9.8 (1st Full Damian Wayne)
  6. Batman #635 CGC 9.8 (Forgotten son with a RED JAR on head AKA Jason Todd, 357 CGC 9.8 cost too much).

FYI - Notice 656 price is comparable to 655 these days where as 655 used to cost more.

Happy Holiday.

At this point in time, I’d say Batman #655 Kubert 1:10 variant.


Or 655 Newsstand


That’s a good one, but damn that hard to find.

Next UF4 ??? ;D

I’d go with Batman #655 & 656 in newsstand if possible. Otherwise 655 1:10 variant or the 9.8’s of both.


635 Newstand is king. But probably out of the price range.

I personally like 657 Newsstand if you can find it in 9.8 for the money. Not on your list, though.

What about Batman 666?

Thank you for the suggestion. Honestly any newstand 9.8 in the 2000 is quite hard to find. If Im going with 666, I be better off with 635 NEWSTAND. I think 635 NEWSTAND maybe better potential spec vs 666. Haven’t seen any 635,655, or 656 NEWSTAND.

No sales data for CGC 9.8 NEWSTAND for 635,655,656.

I have 655 & 656 in newsstand graded on eBay. They’re not 9.8’s but in the 9’s.

I picked up a 655 newsstand in a back issue bin, sold it when the movie hype started, I have a 9.8 655 that I am holding on to just cause I am a fan of the best Robin but if someone wants to overpay for a silly barcode that means nothing then I’ll take that foolish money :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s alot of RED in them numbers up there. Oofa!
Just a casual reminder of how bad, in general, the market is


Fortune favours the brave - But then again, one must be selective during this time. ONLY invest/buy in proven commodities in a time like this. For instance, don’t buy item like Something is Killing the Children / Sandman / Spawn (maybe) as speculation book. Buy them if you enjoy or like them. If you got the $ to burn. AF 15 / Hulk 181 / ASM 129 maybe a good buy lol.