White Fox selling well today

So I’m big on White Fox (big for me anyway…) I have a few of the Yu and Lim variants and a bunch of cover A’s.

I try and keep my finger on the pulse on eBay sales and Midtown stock for books I’m into, and noticed there were lots of sales today for Contest of Champions 1. Cheapest Yu variant is now $100+. Cover A’s are still cheap so I’d say jump on them if you haven’t already. On Midtown, every variant, even those that were in stock forever were just cleared out. (Will be interesting if Midtown adds more available stock, that happens sometimes.)

Does this mean an announcement is imminent? Not necessarily, but what I suspect might happen is that we’re going to see a round of pumping/dumping for this character in the near future when the influencers get their copies in hand, and if you believe in the character, you want to buy before that wave and not during.

That said, I do like this character long term regardless if any pumping, for a bunch of reasons, especially when tied to the new agents of atlas stuff.

What does CHU think?


I think its cause of that article talking about how White Fox is wanted for Dr Stranges death


This Nov solicitations just dropped so people might be grabbing em up before she hops on a list


Ah could be… very happy to see her featured more!

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Yeah shes new to me but I noticed when new solicitations drop and a character makes a reappearance there old books get gobbled up.

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Yeah, I think there is great potential for Agents and/or Tiger Division appearances. It will likely be a long time, but it’s best to grab them now than later. The Bagley cover is my favorite design. This book had a pretty high print run so the incentive covers are the best bet for lower print run IMO.

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I mean, hit up every store in town and grab at least one from every back issue bin. 2 for 2 today, but just cover As

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I’m super stoked for more White Fox. I honestly see her as the best spec money can buy. She is super popular in those marvel video games, and the print run is actually under 90,000. With Shang Chi and Jimmy Woo now in the MCU, I would bet the farm that White Fox and the new Agents of Atlas are going to be pushed big time by Disney.


Shes an interesting character, but still needs development to become a popular character, ala for speccing purpose. Same for the Tiger Division.
My opinion is to tread lightly - buy a few at low price. A TV show may boost her popularity - but with the glut of non-white female characters being pushed (Kamala Khan, Shuri, Riri, Echo, etc.), its going to take some good stories and TV shows to get her above the rest.
I have her first appearances, but am still careful to tread here with regard to speccing ($$$$).
BTW, there was a good ‘kumiho’ app done in Lovecraft Country.


Anytime I see her first appearance or her first title issue in the wild for cover or below I pick it up. I started this early last year on a hunch that she might a good character to spec on.


Such a shame Lovecraft Country got the ax.


I actually liked the first few episodes, but the last few were kind of a mess. The end felt kind of rushed, and unresolved. Great acting and visuals though. And then HBO cancelled it !!
I felt this way about ‘Them’ on Amazon too.
I watched Doom Patrol on DVD and liked the episodes, but then it got tedious.
I just started watching Umbrella Academy, but I am not impressed.

It seem that many of these shows start with an interesting premise, but it looks like the story has only been laid out for a few episodes. When the series continues past these episodes, it seems like the writers are struggling to make up the rest of a ‘coherent’ story, for the episodes left.

LC ended in a way that there’s still so much to tell especially the mythology surrounding them. Season 1 opened that world wide after everything that happened which really saddened me hearing the cancellation.

I love Doom Patrol’s 1st season. It was bonkers! Good story with fleshed out characters on top of bombastic and crazy storytelling ideas. Lol.

The other 2 i have yet to watch.

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Yeah, Doom Patrol season 1 was good, different. Second season OK. Maybe my expectations are too high.
Funny thing was the show I really liked was Swamp Thing (one season and then cancelled), and Stargirl, and Superman are promising (even though the two Superkids, especially the whiny one bugs me).

Havent yet watched any of the Marvel ones, and the Star Wars one. Do not have Disney+ …

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Same here. I only watched first few episodes of the 2nd season. S1 was tough to follow.

Man, I missed Swamp Thing! Just when everything started rolling on high gears, it was cancelled. Stargirl is by far the most consistent for me. It’s all goofy fun and charm. And I agree, those superkids can get to your nerves more often.

Was able to finish Wanda only. The story format was a breath of fresh air until it went back to typical Marvel thing at the end.

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“Wandavision,” is possibly my favorite of any MCU release (it maybe ties with the first, “Avengers,” and first, “Iron Man,” plus a chunk of, “Winter Soldier,”) because it is so weird for such a long chunk of time. It was just wildly inventive.

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Was there any more news today? Because I sold a copy for $20 yesterday, noticed most copies disappeared on eBay so threw up my last copy for $40 in a “let’s see what happens” move and it sold. To my surprise.

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Hit a couple of the “Usual Suspects” spec lists this week with her having the one-shot cover for “Death of Dr. Strange” - that and the ongoing Agents of Atlas future spec.

Saw something about White Fox in a spec group yesterday, something about Mikey Sutton saying something about White Fox and some other characters.

Have to love people pushing the 1:25 as her first cover appearance when she is on the cover of A as well as the connecting covers.

My LCS still has a few of the hip hop covers and the connecting cover but at $10 a pop that’s out my price range for spec, I’ll wait for a sale :stuck_out_tongue: