White Knight Harley Quinn #2

1st appearance of Starlet. I really like cover B long term due to the cover appearance. Will this have a massive print run though? Not sure if it’s a good comparison, but issues 2 and 3 from the original white knight run have held value due the female joker chicks 1st appearance.

I’m not sure shops are going heavy on it. Was talking to my old LCS about mailing me my pulls and was shootin the breeze about books and I mentioned it and he said he went light on it. Not how he did when it was Batman centered. Whoever asked and he only ordered 5 copies over pulls.

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That’s interesting. I wonder if shops that did order went heavier on cover A or B. I also think that whether or not the cover art was shown prior to FOC will affect the order numbers.

Could make for an interesting long-term hold. Hopefully she moves to dc continuity books, eventually.

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