Wonder Girl( Yara Flor) May 2021

Wonder-Girl-1-TLDR Yara-Flor-Wonder-Girl-TLDR
DC Comics just announced that Yara Flor’s Wonder Woman, who just premiered in January, is set to star in her own Wonder Girl comic book series from writer and artist Joëlle Jones,. Wonder Girl #1 will be available in stores and on digital platforms on May 18.DC didn’t wait long at all to green-light the new Wonder Woman’s continuation, bringing her into the main timeline in a new Wonder Girl series. Details about the new series have been released by DC Comics, which will follow Yara Flor’s origins as the titular hero. Fans will be given insight into how she, an actual Amazon warrior who got her powers from the Amazon rainforest, became Wonder Girl. However, before she gets her book, Yara arrives as Wonder Girl in DC’s Infinite Frontier #0 on March 2. This appearance will act as a teaser for the new Wonder Girl series, showing readers Yara in the main timeline for the first time, as part of DC’s upcoming relaunch Infinite Frontier .Infinite-Frontier


I really, really liked the Future State Wonder Woman Yara Flor books! She is bad ass and funny!


Yes Yara Flor is one of the brighter sparks from Future State. And with this we can see there is likely going to be a lot more invested in her (apart from Tim Fox). Let’s hope DC doesn’t mess it up!

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She’s the brightest star for Future State for sure .She could become the next superstar for Dc if they play their cards the right way.

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I agree with this. I enjoy her book / character the most. The Next Batman is falling flat with me and I didn’t bother with Future State Aquaman. I haven’t experienced enough of the new Flash to have an opinion.

There’s only one issue of FF: Aquaman so far, but Jackson and Andy are a great team! I’m pretty excited to see how that one finishes up.

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I’ll take this as a recommendation, I know you’re the resident AquaFan.

Speaking of… the Aquaverse twitter account (a prominent Aquaman fan account), which I generally think is quite good was suggesting that …Bendis… should write the next incarnation of the book. Boy howdy does that sound like something I don’t want to read. Aquaman as a book fails when he’s over-written (like, Hickman, whose X-men books I love, would just wreck the guy), and so uh

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Bendis scares the living crap out of me these days.


Apparently the team variant will be a foil cover. Larry’s comics on Instagram posted


Looks better than expected.

I’m mondo excited for this series! I loved the Futute State issues, probably the best part of Future State.

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That’s a weird drawing. Either she’s super skinny that her hands meet each other, or she has her hands on her belly. It looks like a weird pose overall. I’m assuming they meant to have her hands resting on her hips.

It is weird, now that you mention it. I can’t help but think of this Pepto Bismol commercial.

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Now I can’t unsee it… I never noticed it before!

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I thought same thing… something looked off and then I read your comment and was like… yup, that’s it!

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Great character with some cross-generational appeal I would think. The 1:50 is a nice cover.


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Whoa that looks like a lot of scratches.

I don’t mind short delays as long as Jones puts her effort in the story and art altogether without rush.

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