Wonder Man Disney+ show

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A television show about a movie star superhero could be really meta. I could get into that if it’s done well!


There goes my hope for that Wonder Man & Beast buddy cop film.

All that bad Wanda/Vision spec going to pay off.


Wonder if they are going to cast Nathan Fillion since they already have those cut gotg2 posters


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I’m curious about that as well Alana.

I’m so stupid excited for this already, and I know I shouldn’t be. I can’t help myself though, Wondy is one of my top four characters. I’m also oddly excited to see what you all think is “good” spec on this one.

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We did have the Grim Reaper helmet silhouette in the credits of one of the Wanda/Vision episodes so Avengers #52 is a solid cheap pick up


Alright, I’m bored, so I’m going to list what I think are some key Wondy books that I can easily recall.

Of course, Avengers Vol 1 #9 for his first appearance.

Marvel Premiere #55, first solo story.

Avengers vol 1 # 151 first resurrection, #253 first sleeveless costume appearance (glasses, gold arm bands)

Avengers vol 3# 3 First Ion version appearance, #12 costume change (short sleeve)

West Coast Avengers #25 First appearance of the sleeveless costume (no glasses, red arm bands, longest worn costume)

Avengers West Coast #65, first date with Wanda (is this how they are going to bring her back to her senses?)

Avengers Vol 4 #2, first appearance of most recent costume.

As far as his solo title, I’d say the keys are #1 (has a poster insert to be complete), #3 first appearance of his “sidekick” Spider (who’s story is still in limbo after they cancelled the book), #4 first appearance of Splice. #25 first appearance of his “pouch” costume. #26, 27, 28, 29: all low print run books, specially the last two. Even working at a comic shop when those came out, I struggled to find copies. We didn’t get the ones we ordered.

Fun fact: the last four issues of his solo series were supposed to be an entirely different story according to the listings in Advance comics at the time. I’m guessing they changed it because they knew they were going to cancel the title. I’m assuming there has to be pieces of original art or the like for these issues hidden away somewhere out there.

The only other key I can think of that I can’t recall the issue it occurs in is when he and Ms. Marvel started dating.

What do you all think? Anything else you can toss in here?


Three more that came to mind that could possibly be relevant are:

Champions Vol 1 #5, the first appearance of Rampage.

Invaders #37, 1st cameo appearance of Lady Lotus.

Guardians of the galaxy vol 1 #17, first appearance of Hollywood (Simon Williams Earth-691).


Wonder man 10 and 11 first Angkor and first Crazy Eight. Wonder Man 4 first Splice.


Marvel Premiere #55 seems to be slowly disappearing. I had a hard time scoring an affordable copy, but managed to snag a pair for $40. Look for mislabeled auctions for “Wonder Man #55”.

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Or look for “lots” that include 55

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I’ve found some good comics in big ol’ lots listed on Mercari or Poshmark of all places. Folks just have a chunk of comics and take a pic of the group with some little nuggets of gold mixed in among junk issues.

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Just because I’m dedicated to seeing this thread through, I came across another “rarer” issue of interest. Apparently there is a JC Penny reprint of Wonder Man issue 2. It’s got the 30th anniversary Spider-Man in the UPC box, where the normal version has some text. I don’t have info on why this exists, but after crawling over Ebay, I only found two copies on there (and I snagged one).

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That’s how I scored a set of Young Avengers for $40. They had them listed as New Avengers.

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Wonder how they will do his origin as his origin story is almost identical to Justin Hammers in Iron Man 2.

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Its official…now