Wonderful Record: First App of WW Sells for 1.6M

This is a about 2 weeks old news, but I realized it hadn’t been shared on the forums (that I can see.)

Kind of amazing when you consider that she is arguably a lock of a Comic Book Character Mount Rushmore and one of the most easily identifiable characters on the planet. You’d think it would go for more in CGC 9.4. That being said, a Tec 27 went for 1.5m, but was graded 7.0.

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To think something that old was in that high a grade just amazes me.


I believe the AC1 that was 8.0 was found in a stack of old newspapers. Perhaps this WW book was unintentionally preserved as well?

If she was on the cover I think it would be closer to the likes of DC27 and AC1.

Just doesn’t have that same wow gotta have it factor when sealed in plastic.

A million dollar comic is still impressive. Not many of those. Definitely in elite company regardless.


Was just about $1000 or so dollars out of my price range; otherwise I was all in :roll_eyes: