Worst cover in your collection

OK. We did your favorite covers last week. Now, what’s the worst cover/book in your collection? The one that every time you thumb through a long box and see it, you wonder if you should just set it on fire.

Here are my two. I should just donate these to I don’t know… the garbage can.


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I read Nth Man full series back in the day.

Hahaha I love this flip.

That said, I really dislike this bald Peter Parker House of M #5 Variant… still holding on to it tho :man_shrugging:

This cover always reminds me of a drunk drunk drag queen. I own it and yeah, the pages stick together…but only a little.

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Ha! I am not as critical of Rob Liefeld’s art as most but that Cap drawing is something else!

There’s a statue for fat Wolverine from that Transformers cover that’s pretty pricey.

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It so hard to look at anything Wolverine and not see two batmen kissing after seeing that meme.

I have thought the same thing.

Rob only knows how to draw muscles, something he’ll never have himself… :wink:

You can’t have a worst cover contest without Avengers Annual #10 being included. :neutral_face:

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These are hilarious. That Wolverine Revolver has Napoleon Dynamite written all over it.

Hey, I like the Avengers Annual cover for some reason. It reminds me of a newspaper sort of, in a fun way.


His feet have gotten better!

Better in that he actually sometimes draws them now?


That Liefeld’s Captain America artwork cracks me up each time I see it. But today I’m sad because I just found out that it’s not used in any actual comic, and I totally need it in my collection.

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Here are the best ones I have: