Worst Covers of 2022

Hulk #3 1:25 variant


I can’t stop looking at this cover.
That makes it either a train wreck or something quite gorgeous. My head is spinning

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I actually kind of like it but his pectorials look a little weird…


Hulk needs more fiber in his diet.


calf cramp or orgasm — you decide

Looks like Tradd Moore made Luther Strode into the Hulk. Did they print directly from pencils?

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There’s just so much bad about this. His shorts turn into pants depending on which leg. His tits and abs look like a ■■■■ & balls. I’m also worried about his knee biting me. I can keep going but that’s a god awful cover. I think the topic can be locked because we have a winner.


So we have a penciler, inker, colorist and presumably an editor(??) who didn’t catch Daily was missing its y?


I like this for being different, and well done. It is pretty busy with all the trade dress.

That Sonja is so bad. Her thigh is four times as big as her abdomen.

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Yeah, it’s weird but I don’t hate it I guess. It is part of something like 12 issues in 12 weeks, so they probably had to dig deep on the covers.

:nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:

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I actually like the Detective Comics cover. Everything but HQ’s face.

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