Worst Covers of 2023

I’d say it’s due to whatever’s made him sick. I did see an article with someone saying this new artwork is just as good as his old and I’d strongly disagree with that.

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This is awful it looks like AI art how are stores even accepting this? If it was my exclusive I would send this crap back. His art is heavily digital but this looks like something those AI things spit out.

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How do you know that all of his art is not AI created ?

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AI can spit out any artstyle you want it to depending on your prompt. It’s hard to prove if someone used AI or not unless you see glaring mistakes. Personally, I’m not buying comics just for the covers anymore.


Seen vids where he has drawn the image before putting it over to digital so its not all AI and this is the first cover I have seen from the artist that looks like AI. I’m sure it’s not but that’s why I said if it was my exclusive I would send it back for a redo, similarities are hard to ignore.

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It’s a good read hopefully the same for the new series.

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I remember a few months back some retailers were trying to sell exclusives with ai generated art but I think that got shut down, those fingers yeesh :grimacing:

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I guess there’s a subset of customers for anything and everything.
How Epic Nation continues to sell that Rhinestone stuff is beyond me, but he does.

I think I’m going to put up limited edition AI piles of dog crap and I’m sure there will be customers


I’m really steering away from these types of covers…i’m past the digital art phase. Time to get back to basic painting/drawing.


I hear you, it has that “plastic” super digital look to it, but let’s face facts…even AI looking boobs will sell comics. Especially, when they are that…distracting.

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I have never been into digital art from the beginning. I just love the Marvel house style art from the 50s - 80s. Give me George Perez, Byrne, Buscema, Dave Stevens over any of these digital artists any day of the week.

Nowadays I’m finding the cover artists are just trying to pump out covers as fast as they can and it’s usually a character profile or head shot which has nothing to do with the interior story. Give me back the days when cover art used to give us a glimpse of what’s inside the comic and was a hook for us kids to buy the comic.

/old man rant


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:100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100:

So characters who appeared on the older marvel covers always were featured in the books? It’s something people used to complain about all the time back in the 20th century. Something was depicted that didn’t happen or the character depicted never appears in the issue. So it’s been going on for a long time.

Wolverine on the cover used to sell issues even if he didn’t appear.

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That face is rough

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Lou Reed face

She’s got the “I really don’t want to be here” face…

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I can’t edit the original post anymore, but…


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