Would you stop shopping if you

Would you stop patronizing a store/online-store if you found out the owner didn’t share your beliefs?

For context, I believe I’ve found out that a favorite store of mine’s owner/operator is a QAnon believer. Ugh, I can’t stand QAnon and the far-right conspiracy theories they peddle. Now I’m conflicted because I have enjoyed the store and its comic services in the past. However, the idea of giving this man any more of my money is making me feel conflicted.

Am I being intolerant? Should I even give two shits about a proprietor’s personal beliefs even if I feel they are ass-hatted at best.

What would you do?

It’s your money, spend it where/how YOU want too.


As long as they aren’t pushing beliefs on me, then I don’t care.


Absolutely true.
I guess I’m just feeling really disappointed.

If the guy takes good care of you otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing.

This is America. We’re all blessed to be able to think want we want. The acts of cancel culture that we see today is pure cancer. To me, rather than perpetuate that problem, I would just keep it simple and make my decision to patron said business purely based on the value I received otherwise.


Your dispassionate approach is commendable; it’s an approach I usually adopt myself. And while I agree that “Cancel Culture” in its extremes are dangerous, I do believe in voting with your dollars. For instance, if I found out a service provider/store owner was also a wife beater I’d stop patronizing them. This is not that extreme for me… it’s just disappointing.

In any case, I’m just venting and am glad folks are chiming in with level-headed answers.

I try hard to direct my resources toward people/places that value science and human rights, as those things are important to me. If someone/place is actively against those things, I’m going elsewhere.

My two cents.


Are there other options? Then I would absolutely take my business elsewhere.

The closest LCS to me is one that I won’t frequent because of their political views. And not because I disagree with their politics, but because they make their politics part of their store and put polarizing signs in their windows. I want no part of that, as I feel like giving them my business endorses their views.

That’s also not “cancel culture,” that’s choosing where to spend my money wisely.

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Yeah, I’m thinking if I can’t find an alternate shop I’ll just stop.
This may just be the push I need to stop spending so much on this type of comics service.

Something else to think about is, can you get the same products from somewhere else? For example, with comics there are a million different shops you can order from - but if Sony or Microsoft or apple make a product that’s only available through them, I think that would be a bigger morel dilemma.

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Totally agree. I do vote with my money when major corporations become overly political, because I see them as a danger to everyone regardless of which way they lean due to their immense power and influence.

And, yes, if a small business owner was beating his wife, I wouldn’t continue to shop there either.

But, when it comes to opinions and perspectives, we live in a free country, and I respect the foundation of our freedoms, so I don’t change my behavior.


You’re right, that isn’t cancel culture. They have stepped over the line with what they did.

But if a business has an opinion and isn’t trying to influence you to think the same, then they haven’t done anything wrong.

And keep in mind, how we react to things like this is important. If we overreact, we promote silencing peoples simple opinions. That in itself is very dangerous.

There is a reason why people who like Trump for example are afraid to admit it. That should scare all of us. No one should have to be afraid to have a simple opinion. Much lose their job, get doxxed or ostracized for it. It’s as un-American as it gets.


It really depends. If it was something extreme like racist beliefs, yeah I would. If it is different political ideals, no, unless they became preachy.


If it’s beliefs like discrimination or criminal activity, yes I would stop going.

But just personal beliefs like politics? No, I’d still go there.

If they are openly trying to convert you to X each time you go in there so it’s comfortable for you, that’s different.

But a persons personal beliefs wouldn’t change my giving them business. I’ve got friends in every walk of life with varying viewpoints from each other. Doesn’t effect me.

That’s me though. If you feel it’s affecting your enjoyment and you don’t feel right, you’d be perfectly fine to go somewhere else.

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The owner of my LCS doesn’t share my political views either. He doesn’t hide who he is, but he also takes GREAT care of his customers and his staff is equally as cool as him. Unless I find out that this guy is hurting kids, his spouse, dealing drugs, etc I won’t take my money elsewhere.

America is a crucible, a melting pot of ideas and beliefs. That is what makes our country great, because through that crucible we come together and unite as one people (E Pluribus Unum).

Make no mistake that BOTH SIDES of the political aisle want division in this country. They want to pit left vs right, black vs white, rich vs poor because the more fractured a country is the easier it is to usurp. BOTH ENDS of the political spectrum have engaged in censorship, cancel culture, demonizing of groups of people, etc.

I don’t agree with AOC across the board, but she makes some valid points. I don’t agree with Trump across the board but believe he won the election because for too long our country was taken to the cleaners by globalist establishment politicians who want to sell America and your freedoms down the river.

Think for yourself don’t let the news media, friends, family, etc think for you. Do your own research, check multiple sources (including indpendant journalists).

…end rant


If you eat at Chic Filet are you now homophobic? They as a company have beliefs and if anyone disagrees they can go elsewhere. That is the beautiful think about America that seems to be forgotten.

We have choice.

That would be enough for me to actively look elsewhere to shop. QAnon is worse than tinfoil hat conspirators, and it’s dangerous, as seen with one of those loons attacking a pizza shop due to the peddling of such crazyness.
I’d still shop there for quick flips and good deals that I could flip for a profit, but I wouldn’t be buying my weekly readers there.

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I buy from Mile High comic. I doubt Chuck the owner and I would see eye to eye politically on most issues…that is his prerogative. I’m not going to judge a person too harshly because they don’t see the world exactly the way I do. I have no problem buying from him in the least.


Mile High’s website offends me… and scares me… that’s why I don’t buy from there. :wink: