WTF Midtown Comics?

So pissed with Midtown right now. Have never had a shipment this late before. So I ordered Comics June 15th for release on June 17th. Nothing special just some books I wanted to read. The books were released June 17th and I heard nothing. 9 days later, June 26th, I get a shipping notification the books were going to make the four hour drive down from New York City to me. Flash forward 9 days later, July 4, and the books still aren’t here.

Don’t get me wrong, I am understanding there are delays, but there is no expected delivery showing and it has already been 18 days to get comics out to me, 9 days to just pack and ship them. Midtown, this is unacceptable.

I’ve been experiencing the same issue with them. Is it worth complaining to them or am I wasting my time?

I am going to call on Monday and ask what’s up. If the books aren’t here on Monday I am putting in a credit card dispute.

Great idea. I think I’ll do the same. This is ridiculous!

I got an order after 9 days and they just shipped my order from last week. I only buy books from them when I can’t find them at other places. They’ve sent me completely f*cked up books in the past and only wanted to refund me. I go with TFAW now even though it costs a little more. TFAW actually resends me books when they make a mistake.

Didn’t they take up the DC shipments for the entire east coast? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yes they did. That may be part of the problem. They can’t handle both.

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My order was on 6/8 for comics released on 6/10.

Order processed on 6/15.

Tracking notice / Actually shipped 6/22.

Arrived 6/24.

Basically it took them nearly Two weeks after they were in shops to get in the mail.

The two books sold out everywhere, so I was at their mercy.

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Probably can’t hire either to handle.

Filed a PayPal dispute today on Midtown. I think I have given them enough time to get the books with me. Damn near a month. The kicker was I tried to call Midtown customer service. They are open 9-4. Um. That’s not even banker hours.

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I know… bankers work 11-2pm… :wink:

Everyone who bought from Midtown in the past 3 weeks who have orders that claim the processing is complete but no tracking details should just open a dispute… let Midtown know we won’t allow them to hold our purchases hostage. If processing is complete, it should not take them 7 days to slap them in a mailer with a label to ship out… I opened a dispute for my package as well that was ordered on June 23rd. I got email processing was complete June 29th and nothing since, no tracking, no indication it’s been shipped, etc. The only thing it says is my order has been “shipped” under My Orders yet I know it hasn’t since it has no tracking and no email with tracking has been sent like every other order.

Around here bankers are 8-5…

They take 9 days to ship orders now.

6 days and counting so far for me. I’ll honestly give them a month. I’m too scared they’ll cancel my Buffy #15 Frany incentive cover.

Ordered 6/20 for the 6/24 release. All 3 covers of Thor 5 including the 1:25. It’s been processing ever since.

They just shipped my order on 6/30 for Ezequiel Himes. The order from 10 days earlier is still processing.

I’m scared to say anything as I don’t want to lose those Thor books.

I’m hoping by the time they see the dispute it’ll be shipped… I just want their funds to get tied up… so it makes them work a little harder at getting their shipments out faster.

You and Mushu both said the same thing, you are afraid to say anything for fear they will cancel orders. Is that what it has come to with Midtown? Ship really slow and then if you complain they will cancel. That is a horrible way to do business. I am at 20 days since the books were released and still do not have the books. Sad.

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I’m surprised there’s even tellers nowadays… or as many as there are when I can’t get crispy Benjamins out of the ATM machine and must go inside since Andrew Jackson makes my wallet fatter and harder to sit on when stacked… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not scared. I’ll happily take my money back instead of having it take months to ship my comics to me. By the time they arrive they’ll already have started decomposing and I’ll probably have grand children… might not even live at the same address…